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Narendra Modi and India : Part 6 : the rise and rise of the far right across the world

Narendra Modi is Bhartiya Janata Party's candidate for Prime Minister in the General Elections which will be held in May 2014. People from across the globe including our own politicians have branded him and his policies as extreme rightist.  
Modi and India : the rise and rise of the far right across the world

Today I give you a comprehensive study about the Right and extreme Right wing politicians from Europe.  This right winged politicians are not only famous in their own countries but many are also part of the ruling coalitions in some of them.  I do not see anybody raising a brouhaha over them but when it come to NaMo everybody from the US to the Harvard raises some opposition. That too, when it is to be singularly proved that NaMo was responsible for the carnage in Godhra 2002 riots directly.  The onus of the riots may be on him due to his being Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat at that time.
Modi and India : the rise and rise of the far right across the world

Lets start with United Kingdom.  UK has almost 16 far right parties running for elections.  Most notable of them are the UK Independence Party Led by Nigel Farage, the ideologies of UKIP are Euroscepticism (anti Euro), Right-wing populism and Libertarianism.  As of 2013 it has  has 9 of the 73 UK seats in the European Parliament, three members in the House of Lords and one seat in the Northern Ireland Assembly, though it has never won a seat in the House of Commons.  This should change in the next elections scheduled in the UK because it as 14% popular support among the Britons and is third most popular party after the Tories and Labour.
Modi and India : the rise and rise of the far right across the world

Next one on the list is Austria.  Austria's right wing populist Freedom party which is called Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ).  The FPO is lead by  Heinz-Christian Strache and is called a Neo Nazi party in the political circles.  Its ideologies are : National liberalism (traditional)
National conservatism
Right-wing populism
Euroscepticism but FPO has been in forefront for preaching aggressively populist nationalism and reactionary rhetoric which often encompasses racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia.  As of now Strache and his FPO are neck in neck with the ruling Social Democrats in Austria and maybe FPO will win the next general elections in Austria
Modi and India : the rise and rise of the far right across the world

Belgium has its own far right party called Vlaams Belang or Flemish Interest (VB).  The VB is led by Gerolf Emma Jozef Annemans who believes in Flemish superiority.  The ideologies of VB are :
Flemish nationalism
In 2009, the VB contested elections for the Flemish Parliament and the European Parliament. The party was reduced from 32 to 21 seats (from the Vlaams Blok's record 24%, to 15%) in the Flemish parliament, and from three to two seats in the European parliament. In the 2010 general election, the party was again reduced, to 12 seats in the Chamber, and three in the Senate. This was largely due to the great success of the more moderate new party New Flemish Alliance which is also pro Flemish Independence.
Modi and India : the rise and rise of the far right across the world

Now we move to the country which is often said to most peaceful country in the world.  In fact Norway has always had a hand in almost all the peace pacts in the world.  What about Norway's own internal politics.  Norway has as many as 10 right leaning parties and the most prominent one is the Progress Party  Fremskrittspartiet or Framskrittspartiet, Nynorsk: Framstegspartiet, (FrP). The FrP is led by charismatic Siv Jenson and has been pretty successful as of today. Its ideologies are :
Conservative liberalism
Right-wing populism
Classical liberalism
Right now it is the second largest party of Norway.  Similarly Denmark has it own Progress Party which is also highly popular. The Greeks have their own Golden Dawn which is considered highly neo Nazi.  In France, President Hollande is facing a serious challenge from the National Front whose prime agenda is anti immigration and anti Arabs (expecially the Algerians) living in France.

Though the big daddy of them all, the United States has 5 parties listed as far right with highly explosive ideologies they have been unable to penetrate the mainstream politics as of today.  Australia has its own share of rightwinged parties.  The prominent among those are the Liberal Party, the Australia First Party (with white nationalism (sic) anti zionisim (another sic) anti immigration (read that anti Indians) agenda.  

My point of putting this article is not spreading hate but just making aware that the right wing is not just a Indian phenomenon ergo it is a pan world.  It is already known that the entire Islamic world is ruled by right winged parties or dictators except a few countries. The US, UK and Euro implementing Visa restrictions NaMo reeks of double standards on their parts (Euro and UK have since rescinded the restrictions) while their own backyard is filled with anti Semitic  anti Zionist  anti Indians, anti Arabs  anti immigration, anti blacks and islamophobic elements which they do little to stop.

Hope the world notices a certain amount of mockery and prejudice the so called developed nations indulge in.

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