Saturday 12 January 2013

Narendra Modi and India Part 3

Narendra Modi and India Part 3
One of my readers commented on the earlier article of Narendra Modi and India.  The comments by Shayri are as follows " Do we need any further proof about success story of Gujarat after seeing the participation of more than 1500 delegates from over 80 countries including Diplomats, leading Industralists from our country and public at large? and undoubtedly the success story of Gujarat will continue many fold in days to come"  I agree what Shayri says but I feel that Mr.Modi now has to look towards making a Vibrant India instead of just Vibrant Gujarat. 

For the uninitiated Mr.Narendra Modi won a huge mandate from the people of Gujarat last month to be the Chief Minister of Gujarat again for next five years.  However given Mr.Modi's skills and the effects it had on Gujarat, I think Mr.Modi should now leave Gujarat to his capable lieutenants and effectively leave Gujarat and move to Central politics and Delhi.

The current leadership of India led by UPA is inept and has proved to be the most corrupt in Indian history.  I don't think Mr.Manmohan Singh is responsible for this rot, for I believe he has become the PM out of convienience rather than choice.  He is a Economist and a respected one at that, but he is not a politician.

The Scams and misgovernance of UPA is vast to be listed.  But to name a few I would like to mention the 2G/3G scam and the remarks given by the Honorable Court.  Till that point the UPA did not have the nerve to remove the tainted minister Mr.Raja.  Despite of being named and arrested, Mr.Raja continued to a minister of the UPA.  It took the embarrasing remarks from the Court to remove Mr.Raja from his ministership.

The latest in the misgovernance list is the rape of Nirbhaya and the inept administration by the Delhi Government.    The blame is laid on the Police whereas the Administration is corrupt and faulty.  What will the police do if half of its force is on VIP duties.  I completely blame the Administration for allowing that bus to run on streets in the first place. 

In the present scenario I think we need a leader who has a steely resolve to tackle the inefficiencies in the Government and provide good administration.  A leader who can lead by example rather than sit in his cabin and pass some irritating comments.   

On one side we are playing cricket with Pakistan, inviting thier players to IPL/IHL etc and on the other hand they are beheading our soldiers who have done us proud.  The present government doesnt have nerve to tackle this misadventure on part of the Pakistanies rather, they talk of going soft and using back channel diplomacy.  I think we need a leader who like Mrs.Indira Gandhi, who inspite and despite of internal and world opposition asked the Indian Army to enter Pakistan and the results are there for us to see.

The irony of the fact is that a leading newspaper of India is running a program called Aman ki Asha which I call Aman ka Tamasha. 

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Vijay Prabhu

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  1. Great post. I really liked your point of view abt BIG BOSS Mr.Mody.


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