Monday 31 December 2012

Nirbhaya's death and understanding RAPE

Nirbhaya's death and understanding RAPE

I had written this article post the rape case of Foreign National in Mumbai.  However after Nirbhaya's death I am publishing it.  It is a attempt by me to understand the psyche of a rapist.  You may or may not agree with me.


Why does somebody commit a rape, come lets try to fathom the reasons for it.

Rape has many manifestations starting with  molestation, eve teasing, lewd gestures, lewd language and ending with sodomy, incest, rape or gang rape.  The biggest reason for rape taking place is the perverted mentality of an individual.

Reproduction is the ultimate truth of this planet.  Each and every human being; plants; trees; insects and animals live with the ultimate aim of reproducing themselves.  Reproduction is reason behind the evolution of  the earth and the mankind.  That’s the reason why the nature helps us in different ways to reproduce.  The prime example of this is the rainy season.  Most animals, plants, trees, insects reproduce during the month of July to October.  The environment and nature are at its best for reproduction during this period.  You don’t have to tell a bull dog to find a bitch during this period.  He will do so on his own as though there is some unknown communication between him and the bitch.  They will mate during this season and then the bitch will give birth to puppies.  This has been happening in the past and will happen in  future.

But a humans needs no season  or help from the nature to have sex. This is because they can think, speak and communicate.  And because of this god given abilities they can have sex as and when required and reproduce according to their will and wish.  This has been going on since the evolution of mankind.

But problems arise when this very man can’t have sex according to his wish when he sees something or feels something erotic.  He feels a strong urge for having sex and has to control himself.  At this moment, a person with good upbringing, education and grooming and who is sensitive towards opposite sex, will control his sense and his urge.  He will say to himself don’t do this man, this is not right, you will get many chances to have sex in your life.  Don’t ruin your life.  99 out of 100 men will think the above way and stop.  This 99 men may have stopped a rape from happening, but what about the 100th man. 

We as a society have to concentrate on this 100th man, because he is the root of this evil called rape that is plaguing our Society.  If we try to study and analyse this 100th man and try to identify this 100th man roaming in our society we may be able to stop this menace of RAPE.  To identify this man we have to be vigilant because such kind of people have a weird mind.  It’s like they are always on a lookout for women to have sex.  You can see it in their eyes, when they look upon a female,  however well dressed she is, you will see sex written all over it.  They start by eve teasing, slowly graduate to molesting and groping females in a crowd.  And if by then they have not been identified we eventually have a rape case in our hands.

Now this individual alone is not capable of heinous crime as rape by himself.  As an individual he is a coward.  He at the best will leer at woman or pass lewd comments.  At the most he will grope a woman’s breast or behind in the crowd where in the next minute he can disappear and be lost in  the hundreds of unknown faces of the crowd.  In the worst case he may find a helpless female in lonely place and force himself upon her. 

But when this coward meets like minded cowards, then we have a potential gang rape in our hands.  Liquor is like a added ammunition to these cowards.  In order to identify such perverted cowards in our midst we have to be on lookout for the eve teasers, molesters etc. This would be like nipping the problem of rape in the bud. Once we identify them we should decide what to do with them.  We either treat them for their mental sickness or send them on exile to a island where they can understand the importance of civilisation and the true meaning of a woman.

Till such time castrating, hanging are all temporary solutions to a very big social problem.  Given the time taken by our Judicial system, the entire process of castrating or hanging will have lost its importance on the society as a whole as the memory of humans is very short lived.
Please write you comments.  Together we can make the world a better place to live by taking some action against the perpetrators.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. i like yr blog

  2. the rapist is not a coward he is even unworthy of being an animal these creatures should be torture to death.
    even death would be ashamed of accepting them

  3. I Agree with you Sanjana but death or torturing isnt the answer, It is more important to reads these idiots psychology and try to avoid it from repeating.

    Basically these people are sick, they do not know that. We as sane people should understand this and treat them like we treat people with AIDS insanity etc.



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