Sunday 17 November 2013

Star Wars : Tiny Death Star FREE game for Android and iOS devices, help the Federation build a deadly Death Star brick by brick

If you have seen the Star Wars movies you did know the huge death star that the rebels destroyed.  Well the Federation now needs your help to build an indestructible death star brick by brick.  You are the 'Bitizens' in this Star Wars enterprise and you will have to build and expand the Death Star as if it were your own.  Fear not, the dark side is with you to help you in your endeavour.
Star Wars : Tiny Death Star FREE game for Android and iOS devices, help the Federation build a deadly Death Star brick by brick

The game has been published by LucasArts though the company has been brought over by Disney Inc and is seen to be a amalgamation of the Star Wars franchise with the NimbleBit's Tiny Tower game.  If you have already played the Tiny Tower this game should be a cakewalk for you.  

The idea of the game is that the Empire has run out of money and in order to fund completion of the Death Star the Emperor decides to fill its growing levels with rentable accommodation, gift shops, and Mos Eisley style bars. The game’s sense of humour and gorgeous 8-bit style presentation is definitely its most appealing feature, with a clear love for the original movies and a great line in cheesy remixes of the Star Wars soundtrack.

Leaving that aside this is a marvellous FREE game which is entertaining as well as a good way to pass your time.  The gameplay involves is creating one of several types of level, say a retail one, and filling it with employee.  You then order these employees goods they can sell.  The game is a simple one at start but get a little jarring as you start on the special Imperial levels.  Therefore the first thing to do when you reach this level is build a Elevator so that the Imperial Officers can be pleased and you get extra points. There is a bit of action too, you get to capture the Rebel spies like Luke Skywalker  and co when they try to break into the Death Star. 

You can download the game for your Android smart phones and tablets from Google Play here

iPhone and iPad users can download the game from Apple Store here.
A few pointers for maximising the benefits from the game play
1. Convert your BUX into currency near the start of your Elevator upgrading practices
2. Produce some nice apartments within your first couple of floors
3. Split up your Bitizens (you employees) for all the jobs on the deck
4. Always keep an Extra room for the Super Great Visitors  (Imperial Guests)
5.  Upgrade you Elevator at the first instance
6. Stack up some Imperial Bux (currency) so that you can buy the extra characters for your game play
7. To pass your time be sure to stock up lower tier items.
8. You can earn extra BUX by killing the Rebels
9. Always make your Bitizens do more beneficial work which get you maximum BUX
and finally
10. Constantly upgrading your Death Star will get you the most of your Imperial Bux
Have fun playing the game

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