Monday 2 September 2013

Get notifications on your car speakers while driving with this unique App : Botifier for Android devices

Get notifications on your car speakers while driving with this unique App : Botifier for Android devices

How many times your phone has buzzed while driving and you are really pissed of at having to stop the car to read a SMS message or a comment on your Facebook/Google Plus/WeChat/WhatsApp.  It creates unbelievable frustration for a driver when he receives a notification buzz on the smart phone in his pocket or dashboard. You can make and receive calls with all the modern Bluetooth equipped car music systems but there was no way to read out a message to you.

Well, not any longer, for Grimpy has published a nice little App which reads out the notifications on your car speakers.  The Botifier is an excellent App to have on your Android phones but it has only two problems.  It runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or ROMs and your car stereo has be Bluetooth enabled device.  It requires Android 4.3 because it uses the because it relies of the Notification listener service which older Android OS don't have.  

Botifier reads out the notifications which you receive on your handset on your car speakers via Bluetooth using AVRCP standard. The App is free and open source, so if you are a developer who want to experiment further with it, please do visit the developers Github site.  

The App has various settings which can be enabled and disabled as per your choice.  There is also a blacklist option available which when enabled will block that particular notification being read on the car speakers.  Further if you want to rehear the old notification you can always press Back (<<) button on your car music system.  To dismiss a notification you can press Play/Pause on the system.  The features include :
* Show notifcations on car radio 
* Show application as artist
* Show summery as album
* Play notifcation via TTS (text to speech)
* Show full notification text as title (can be splitted over multiple chunks max length is configurable)
* Use next / previous track to navigate through notifications
* Use pause / play button to remove notifcation
* Use forward button to close notification stream might help to regain focus to previous playing audio.

If you are a technoturd like me, you will have to make do with the App which is available here at Google Play

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