Tuesday 16 July 2013

Pacific Rim Game for Android and iOS, fight Kaiju on your mobiles and tablets by using 5 different Jaegers

If you have seen the movie, you probably know it.  You are mecha or Jaegers as called in the movie and you have to down the endless stream of giant alien monsters named Kaiju.  
Pacific Rim for Android and iOS, fight Kaiju on your mobiles and tablets by using 5 different Jaegers

Publishers Reliance Games has brought the games out for both Android and iOS.  The game comes with two modes viz Story Mode and Survival Mode.  In the Story mode you follow the exact plot of the movie where you are Jaegers and have to kill all the Kaijus floating around.  The Survival mode offers you a challenge to survive.  You will have to keep fighting and killing the endless stream of Kaijus and keep your self alive.  

As you progress through the game play, new combinations and Jaegers, are unlocked. You can then customise the Jaeger to suit your style of fighting, personality and the requirement of game play with each Jaeger having a unique weapon and technology. The game features five different Jaegers based on the movie and also includes some maps and Jaegers which were not part of the movie.

The game runs on a Infinity Blade type engine with all the blocking, dodging and swiping just like IB.  You can read about Infinity Blade for iOS here.  The beautiful graphics and a thematic game play is absorbing stuff and it comes at a cost. Pacific Rim costs $4.50 (Rs.270 on Apple Store and Rs.288.00 on Google Play).   You can download the games below

In the meantime you can also take a look at the newly refurbished Google Play website.  The Play Store now gets a lot of cards and the images are in Webp format which makes them load faster. Google has hidden the Navigation buttons are hidden now.  Android Police has reported that Google has been using AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to make page loads faster, so the Play Store doesn't have to completely reload each time a link is clicked.

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