Saturday 2 March 2013

UNCOPT file manager for Android devices with Holo interface

UNCOPT file manager for Android devices with Holo interface

UNCOPT File Browser is a free file manager capable of doing what most file managers can do today and more. One of its biggest features is something that TotalCommander fans will certainly appreciate, which is a split panel view to easily move files from one directory to the next. 
UNCOPT File browser is a new Holo styled file manager, which also has a paid version for Rs.135.00  Its features are as follows :

Resizable split view: a simple swipe will split the screen in two and give the user two independent browsable panels that can be resized at will. File managing becomes even easier and more efficient.
Efficient archive browsing (zip, tar): unlike other apps, the archive content is never extracted in a temporary folder (or even in memory). The specific parts that need to be accessed (to display or send them) are streamed on access.
Nested archives: unlike other apps, nested archive content can be listed and accessed. To the user there is no difference between a folder, an archive and a nested archive in terms of browsing. Archives can be nested in multiple levels.
Keyboard navigation: the keyboard navigation is fully functional.
Simple action bar navigation with interactive path.
Automatic sync with MediaStore (Gallery) and the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) connection.
Complies completely with the Android Holo Style, even on Gingerbread.
On top of that you get all the usual features such as:
Copy/paste using official mechanism for compatibility with other apps.
Sort by file size, file name and modification date.
Create, delete, rename, send, bookmark files and folders.
Create zip files.
Shows thumbnails for APKs and images in gridview mode.
Multi file selection.
Local Network SMB protocol (windows shares), free plugin required.
Registers as a file picker so that other applications (such as gmail) can access the files too.
UNCOPT File Browser also provides tools for rooted devices:
Browse system files like any other (including system and user apps).
Change file permissions.
Automatically remount read-only filesystems as read-write.
suid/guid/sticky special permissions

The Panels are independent of each other and can be resized, which is a handy feature for devices that lack a bit on the screen real estate department. The app also has a very nice way of handling compressed archives which makes it stand out a little more. The files, upon being opened, are not decompressed or extracted on temporary directories or even on memory, which is a great way of not hogging down resources on your device. This last bit is of particular use for lower end devices, which may not have as much available internal memory. Moreover, the app offers the ability to view and open nested archives.

Download the UNCOPT File Browser here from Google Store.

Vijay Prabhu

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