Saturday 9 February 2013

Valentine Day special, messaging Apps just for couples

Valentine Day special, messaging Apps just for couples

The Valentines Day is nearing and romance is in the air.  Therefore to help you with romancing your partner, there are two Apps which let you stay connected.
Avocado : This is App just for you two.  You can 

— Send cute messages. Type your own or choose pre-crafted quick notes such as "Miss you. dear" or "Need anything before I head home?"

— Share photos with each other or to the Twitterverse.

— Manage dates and other events in a shared calendar.

— Create shared lists, such as tasks, groceries or vacation spot ideas.

Perhaps the cutest feature of all is the ability to send hugs and kisses. The app vibrates when you place the phone against your chest or when you kiss (or tap on) a picture of your special somebody. 

Avocado is available as a free app for iOS and Android (there's also a Web version), but it comes with restrictions the premium version, though is very costly at $19.99

Download the App here at Apple Store

Download the App here at Google Play

Couple  : This App is similar to Avacado.  It lets you send photos and messages — in text, audio and videos — to each other, providing a multimedia-rich back-and-forth experience. Like iMessage and Blackberry Messenger, there are also read receipts so you know whether your notes have been seen.

But beyond that, this app packs in a host of sweetness and fun to keep couples engaged. A cute feature called Thumbkiss is an interactive game to show affection. When the participants touch the screen, they see a thumbprint on the display. A thumbkiss is achieved when the two coordinate their thumbprints to touch for one second, which turns the screen red and buzzes the phones.

With a sketch pad, you can also send homemade doodles to each other. The Live Sketch feature lets couples draw concurrently in real time. They can also share to-do lists and maps of their locations to easily coordinate meeting up. And for times when you don't have much to say but are just thinking of your sweetheart, there's a button that lets your significant other know he or she is on your mind.

Download the App here at Apple Store

Download the App here at Google Play

Please post your comments on the Apps, there are made just for you two.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. I love it! It would be nice if there's more features than what it already have. Add more features please :)

  2. What a romantic app.Love it.

  3. This app is a great idea, but it simply doesn't work. My girlfriend has it on iPhone and she receives whatever I sent her, but I get only notifications of what she did but the chat area is displaying only what I did... It's like something is blocking the messages to come...


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