Saturday 23 February 2013

Push Notification Fixer, great App for Android devices

Push Notification Fixer, great App for Android devices

Do you get your notifications from Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp and GTalk on time on your Android phones.  No, that is because the all these Apps use Google's push servers.   Apps like Gtalk, GMail, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc, use google's push service default settings.  So there is a time lag on when you get your notifications.

The Android Phone and the Google Server connection default is set as follows.  This connection is done on a TCP port 5228 and is common for all the Apps that your phone has. So you phone sends a communication 'Heartbeat' (a small network data packet) is used to keep this communication alive.  So more often than not, this default communication 'Heartbeat' is kept at every 15 minutes for wi-fi connections and every 28 minutes for 3G connections.  

This delays the notification time.  Further when you are connected to a wi-fi routers or 3G network, there is every possibility of your connection getting terminated due to a period of inactivity.  The servers communicating may not know that your connections are inactive and it may send its 15 or 28 minute 'Heartbeat' which your phone may never receive due to being in offline mode.  This will delay the notification even further.  If you want to check your default 'Hearbeat' rate, kindly dial ##TALK## and scroll down to see the rate.

To counter this time lag and inactivity delay a App called Push Notification Fixer developed by andQlimax.  This App lets you set the 'Heartbeat' time on your own so that you never miss your notifications.

There is however one problem with installing this App, it requires a rooted phone and SuperSU App.  Once you have a rooted phone you just install the App and shorten the HeartBeat Interval (stored on a database inside android) to any value you choose, in order to maintain the push service connection alive for all Apps on your phone that require a Push notification

The recommended value is 5 minutes, which is short enough but you can change it to any value you want.  This App runs in background and may cause some battery drain.  This App can be run on any Android Phone 2.3 +.

If you have problems or you dont need this app, uninstall it and reboot your device. 

Please give the App a try but check out the whether your phone is rooted or not.  Download the App here at Google Play.

Please leave your comments regarding this App.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. i have a requirement to send notification/data to app user from our own webapplication . i know it is possible using google services but i want my application to send these maintanence to send notifications to android device is it possible iff please provide links regarding it,,thanks in advace

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