Sunday 10 February 2013

Protecting your dear loved ones, here's another App for all smart phones

Protecting your dear loved ones, here's another App for all smart phones

This App is just awesome, available for iOs, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry and on top of it, it is free.  If you want to know the whereabouts of your near and dear ones, or if you want to inform you dear ones about your whereabouts, this one is for you.  The only chink in the armour is that, you need as a recipeint need GPS and 3G to use this App. It integrates itself with Google Maps to give you a real time position. 

On the UI front, it is simple, Glympse has no sign-up or profile creation and no new social network to manage. When you want your near ones to know where you are you send notification to him/her/them.  The Recipient/s then receive a link allowing them to view your ETA and location in real-time for the length of time you choose.  You can choose your recipient to be one or many as per your choice.

When the timer on your Glympse expires, your location is no longer visible. Best of all, recipients do not need any special software to view a Glympse. Send a Glympse via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter, and recipients can view it using any web-enabled device.

You can use it conversely with your tots or teen children, by enabling Glympse on their mobile and setting the timer as per your choice(max 4 hours) and select YOU as the recipient.  That way, you will be able to know real time where your tots or teens are.  

The installation is easy with no sign ups and no profiles to be created just Pick the recipient, set the timer for your estimated time of arrival, add a message and choose your destination.The recipients will get a glympse containing a link to your location in real time marked on a Google map, along with the message. 

The recipient need not have Glympse installed on their phones to view this information. All he or she needs is a device connected to the Internet(3G). You can make your location public or share it with one or more people or with a group. You can share your location using Facebook, Twitter and other apps that you may have installed on your phone. The Glympse stays live until the timer expires. After that, your location can no longer be viewed. So you can share your location for zero seconds, which would be just a check-in, or share it till your journey ends. The longest duration for which the timer can be set is four hours.

In my view this a must have App which has many uses,  expect for the fact that it is a battery hog with 3G and GPS enabled all the time.  But that's nothing compared to the feeling of safety, knowing where your child is while you are out somewhere for dinner, that too in real time.

Screen shots

Protecting your dear loved ones, here's another App for all smart phonesProtecting your dear loved ones, here's another App for all smart phonesProtecting your dear loved ones, here's another App for all smart phones

Android users download the App here at Google Play.

Windows Phone 7 users download the App here at Windows Store.

Blackberry users can download the App here at Appworld.

iOS users can download the App here at Apple Store.

Kindly download this App, it has many uses.  Please post your comments regarding this article.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. As I college student I love this app for the ability to send my location to friends so they can easily find me.
    Great app:)

  2. Excellent logistics app. Allows to maintain a close watch on moving things, specially when they are working for you. I think it's a very good app.

  3. I love this app.


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