Saturday 12 January 2013

Toolbar nuisance with browsers suffered by most PC users

_Toolbar nuisance with browsers suffered by most PC users
In my earlier article I dealt with the the ads in mobile games, now I am dealing with another common problem a PC user faces.  The common problem suffered by most downloading any program for PC is a free inbuilt toolbar given by the program.  This Toolbar makes the browser slower and website load slowly and is basically unwanted.

The toolbars are irritating, they sometimes take up quarter of the display place and make the browsers very very slow.  Some of them like the Ask or Babylon reappear despite disabling them.  They will only go away if you go to Add/Remove programmes in the control panel and uninstall the program.
Only the stumble upon toolbar has some use to the stumbleupon registered users and Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox is useful to developers and bloggers.
What hurts me most is the way these toolbars get installed on my PC through backdoor.  When you download a program (some paid programs included) the installation screen will show you whether to install these toolbars in very small letters, and most of us being humans are in a hurry to start the program give affirmative answer and voila when we open our browser there it sits on the top of the browser. 
And what is more disabling the addon wont do you have to uninstall it via the method I have given above.
Below is a image from SEMOZ showing your screen if all toolbars were to be added to the browser.  The result is hideous.
Toolbar nuisance with browsers suffered by most PC users
See it for your self.  If you want the details of toolbars available for browsers visit wiki page here.  I hate these tool bars especially the Ask, Babylon and MyPlayCity ones.
How about you.  Kindly post your comments.
Vijay Prabhu

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  3. It helps a lot. Much info!

  4. I hate firefox .. installing an advert stuff which I hate so much but I dont know what to do with it .. I downloaded firefox and bang .. there popup windows with unwanted ads of dr batras and aircel .. and god I hate them so much !! I am checking the link Vijay ji .. hhopefully it solves my issue as well..those babylon toolbar and for that matter any are unwanted junks and recommend people never install them ever !!


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