Saturday 29 December 2012

Back up your images and delete Instagram account

Back up your images and delete Instagram account

Refer to my earlier Blog dated 19.12.2012, Instagram's flip flop with its  policy regarding using images for ad revenue may have created many doubts and left a bad taste with its users.  The Jan 16 date is fast nearing,  if you are averse to making your creative content public or letting Facebook earn money on the superb and not so superb images developed by you, this is the article for you.

Come Jan 16, Instagram may or may not use your images for its ad purpose, depending upon how you read the press release issued by them.  But if you are a private person and would like your imaginative inventions with Instagram to remain so then it would not be a bad idea to save all your work on your hard disk and delete your Instagram account till the whole air around the Instagram's further policy towards using images is cleared.

For backing up your images you need to use a online app called Instaport.  You can visit the website here.  After logging in your Instagram account you may import the file to your hard drive as a zip file or export it to something similar to Instagram like Flickr or Facebook.  I recommend importing it to your hard drive.

There are advance setting also, feel free to use them.  Once the zip file is downloaded to your account go to Instagram's log in page, log in and go to profiles page.  Here just click Edit Profile page, you will see a link called "I'd like to delete my account" in the bottom-right-hand corner.  Instagram will ask you why you want to leave the service, give a humble answer or if you are feeling bitchy give them a earful and that's it.

Only point to be remembered here is that Instagram has issued statement citing that its earlier release was worded too harshly and that it wouldn't use images for ad revenue.  But why take the chance.  If you are interested in alternatives to Instagram kindly read this article.

Please post your comments or other alternatives to this article.

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