Friday 4 November 2016

Alyssa Milano’s Anonymous-inspired graphic novel set to become a TV show

Anonymous inspired Alyssa Milano’s Hacktivist Being Developed Into A TV Show

Alyssa Milano’s 2014 graphic novel ‘Hacktivist’ is being adapted for a CW television series by the creators of Covert Affairs. Milano, who is an actress and has appeared in feature films and network TV shows, entered the comic industry in 2014 by creating the fast-paced cyber-thriller graphic novel Hacktivist. The book was written by Jack Lanzing and Colin Kelly, drawn by Marcus To and published by BOOM! Studios.
Anonymous inspired Alyssa Milano’s Hacktivist Being Developed Into A TV Show

Hacktivist features two lead characters, Nate Graft and Ed Hiccox, the co-founders of a popular social networking company who are recruited to work secretly for the CIA to bring about global social change. Using their fame and access as cover, and their technical prowess as a tool, Nate & Ed pull off risky missions, both foreign and domestic. Inspired by popular hacktivist group Anonymous, these fictional characters are also hackers by night. However, Nate and Ed have a deep hunger for information freedom that goes against the beliefs of the CIA. The comic also has a protagonist that was modeled on Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, while the fictional company is based on the real-life social media giant.
Speaking to the Daily Dot in an earlier interview, Milano revealed how the idea came about.
“I became obsessed with the role of the media, and how it was being used as a tool for protest. At the same time, Anonymous was using hacking skills to empower people. And I thought, ‘What if Anonymous wasn’t a group but one person?’ And that spiraled into, ‘What if Anonymous was one guy? What characteristics would he have?’ He’d have to be socially aware, a coder, have access, be compassionate.”
Anonymous has indisputably made its mark in the mainstream consciousness. The critical and commercial success of TV shows like Mr. Robot see its fundamental premise in hacker activism and the new TV adaption of ‘Hacktivist’ – directly influenced by Anonymous – will only further spread the loosely-associated international hacktivist network.
While Milano isn't expected to star in the dramatic series, she will serve as executive producer with Covert Affairs creators/executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord, BOOM! Studios and CBS TV Studios. As of yet, no launch date has been provided for the show.

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