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How to recover deleted text messages on your Android smartphone

Here is how to retrieve deleted text messages on your Android smartphone

Have you ever experienced a situation where in you accidentally hit on the delete button and all your SMS messages are gone? Desperate users will go through anything to save those crucial messages if the trashed information is important enough.
Here is how to retrieve deleted text messages on your Android smartphone

However, recovering deleted messages is no easy feat. Whether it is single or multiple messages, you need to act fast. While lost messages are recoverable, only until the portion of memory on which they were saved is over-written by an app update, file download or similar. This is exactly possible with Android smartphones. In other words, everything we delete, including SMS messages, sticks around until enough time passes by and/or the space is needed to store other data.

So, grab your phone and your computer and learn how to recover deleted text messages on Android.

MobiKin Doctor for Android
The quickest way to recover lost or deleted messages is to get a quality program that swiftly recovers them. MobiKin Doctor for Android is an excellent system that rapidly and efficiently recovers all of your text messages.

How to recover deleted text messages on Android

Compatibility is the most vital feature of a text message recovery program. MobiKin Doctor for Android supports over 2,000 Android device models, such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, Asus and many more.

MobiKin Doctor for Android is not only perfect at retrieving text messages but also in recovering huge amount of other kind of valuable data. You can get lost or deleted contacts, photos, movies, music, documents and many more. You can recover them in their original format and make changes to them as per your liking.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the reliable and effective MobiKin Doctor for Android now and recover all your lost or deleted text messages. You can also create a backup of everything on your PC or Mac so that you always have a copy of it.

FonePaw Android Recovery

FonePaw Android Data Recovery can identify and recover deleted or lost files from Android devices through a clean and intuitive UI (user interface). It is a top-class tool for recovering your lost data, as it comes with a powerful data recovery capacity that supports multiple Android OS versions and devices.

How to never lose a text message again

Alternatively, if you do not wish to use PC to recover your lost messages, then in such a scenario it would be advisable to back up your SMS messages on a regular basis. The good news in doing so only takes five minutes.

You can use a free app called SMS Backup & Restore. It's straightforward, looks nice and works perfectly. Please see the steps below to follow it:

1. Download SMS Backup & Restore app. Once you have downloaded it, open the app and tap Backup.

2. Next, select what exactly you want to create a backup of. If you want to send your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or an email address, tap Local backup and upload.

3. Select from the list that appears on the screen and then tap OK.

4. Tap Restore on the app's home screen to restore your backed-up SMS messages. Then, on the Restore Backup page, you can just tap the backup name in the list to restore it (if it's stored locally).

5. If your backup is stored in the cloud, tap the overflow menu (three dots) at the top right, then Load from and choose whichever cloud service it's stored on.

6. There are lots of extra options in SMS Backup & Restore, including scheduled backups and password protection. You can find these by tapping the overflow menu icon at the top right of the app's home screen, then hit Preferences.

Aren’t the methods mentioned above the simplest way to recover your accidentally deleted text messages? If you know any other methods to recover lost messages, then please share them in the comments section below.

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