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Top 12 computer programming languages that are in demand now and pay the highest salary.

Top 12 computer programming skills which will help programmers and coders to earn higher salary packages

Technology keeps changing and the Computer language which was once in demand might suddenly disappear with the advent of a new language and programs. Hence if anyone aspires to become a computer programmer or coder or software engineer it is always advisable that the programmer should learn to build a software by mastering the algorithms, designing principles and technologies at all levels of the stack. In the long run they can adapt themselves to any new language and hence become a good software programmer or coder even if the languages and programs change.

Top 12 computer programming skills which will help programmers and coders to earn higher salary packages

This article gives details of some of the most highly paid computer languages which are currently in demand as per a report from Quartz. Lets have a quick look at these 12 computer programs / languages along with the Pay offered as per the Survey done by Quartz:

Ruby on  Rails (RoR): Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that is written in the language Ruby. RoR is not an actual programming language. Ruby on the contrary is a general purpose programming language which was designed and developed in Japan somewhere in mid 1990s. Use of RoR helps in accelerating the development of web apps and hence it has gained tremendous popularity among the web based companies. In turn it has created huge opportunity to the programmers who are well versed with the Ruby on Rails. Most commonly the application is used in building web applications, social networking sites, cloud storage and e-Commerce. Programmers would draw a pay package of  $109,460.

Objective C: This is the main programming language used by Apple to create its iOS and OS X operating systems. Originally developed in 1980s, this is a general purpose and object-oriented programming language which is competent to build anything right from command line utilities domain-specific libraries including the animated GUIs.  The most common use of this language is in building applications for Mac. Expected pay scale $108,225.

Python: Python is again a general purpose and high level programming language. This language was conceived in late 1980s. The design doctrine of this language emphasizes code readability and the syntax helps developers to express the concept in fewer lines of codes hence it is mostly the first programming language which coders learn. Also larger applications like YouTube and Dropbox are written using the Python programming language. Generally Python is used in the programming task as in GUI programming, web programming, processing text, working with files and also in scientific and numeric computing. Pay scale $100,717.

JAVA: This is general purpose and computer programming language released in 1995. As of 2015 this is the most popular programming language to be used by the programmers. Once complied the JAVA code can run on all platforms that support JAVA Operating Systems and developers do not need to recompile it again. JAVA is the major language used by Google for development of Android apps. For people who aspire to become a software developer learning JAVA is a must as it has a high demand and lot of job opportunities which ensure high pay package. The language is used in J2EE web and enterprise applications along with Android mobile application development. Pay package offered: $94,908.

C++ : This is again a programming language which is successor to C. It is imperative, object oriented and general purpose programming language. C++ was developed in 1979 with an aim of efficient flexible language. C++ is basically used to specify a series of operations that can be used by computer to  perform a particular task. C++ is the most commonly used language of the present times basically in servers programming (web search, e-commerce), video games, systems programming and drivers. Pay package $93,502.

JavaScript: This is a dynamic programming language and is most commonly used as a part of the web browsers. It is basically a scripting language that is supported by all the web browsers. JavaScript is one of the 3 major languages which every web developer should learn: HTML this defines the content of the web pages, CSS it helps to specify the layout of the web pages and JavaScript helps to program the behavior and indirectly the interactivity of the web pages. JavaScript is easy to learn and has its use in building responsive websites, to detect client browsers, create cookies, validate web forms. Pay scale $91,461.

C:  This is a computer programming language designed to do the System Programming for the operating system UNIX. Developed in early 1970 this is an imperative programming language. C is also known as portable language as it has been developed for many types of computer and is basically a popular System Programming Language. If one learns C then it is easier to learn other languages like JAVA, C++, JavaScript etc are based on the language C. Most commonly this language is used in operating systems, network drivers, language interpreters and databases. Pay scale around $90,134.

R: This is a programming language used for statistical computing and graphics which is widely used by data miners and statisticians. Basically is used for data analysis and hence it has gained lots of popularity in this field. Statistical analysis of huge data is the need of the hour and so is the need for R program developers. Most commonly used area is in statistical computation and analysis of vast data. Pay offered $90,055.

C# This is a multi purpose programming language used in developmental needs and is known as "C Sharp." This is a hybrid of C and C++ languages. It is highly portable because it helps to exchange the information over web. C# is mostly used in various desktop applications, in the web development, and simple command line utilities. C# is tied with Microsoft Operating system and hence has a wide use. Programmers can draw a package of $89,074.

Visual Basic: This is basically a graphical programming language. Visual Basic Express helps to  create programs for Microsoft Windows. Programmers can create useful programs by learning just a few of its features. Majority of the developers use this language to create GUI or graphical user interfaces like games, educational programs, inventory management, payroll system and so on. Pay scale would be $85,962.

SQL: Structured Query Language is special purpose programming language developed to manage the data in relational databases. Basically used by web based applications which store and retrieve huge database. Majorly used in the Content Management System (CMS) or in blogs where one would require to pull data as per their requirement. So most commonly this program is used in management of huge databases like blogs, CMS, e commerce websites. Pay scale would be $85,511.

PERL: This is computer language designed for text processing. Developed in late 1990s, it is general-purpose Unix scripting language designed to make report processing easier. Majorly used for CGI programming, bioinformatics, finance, system administration and network programming. The programmer can expect a pay package of $82,513.
Some experts advise that the aspiring developer could start with learning C or C++ language as this forms the base of other languages and hence easier to learn different languages and master them. However, as already mentioned earlier it all depends on the developer as to how fast they can understand the logic and the algorithms and hence adapt themselves to understanding newer languages and thus help themselves to hold the position of a good software developer.

Hope you pick the right language and make tonnes of money from it...

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