Tuesday 19 May 2015

#MyFirstExpert : My Mom who is my role model and has always been there to guide me through my life!

The first human being which a new born baby acknowledges and feels safe to be with is MOM.  Just make this upside down and you get an awesome word, WOW! That’s what a mother is to her child be it in its infant stage or adolescent or even if you become an adult, a mom would always mean ‘the World’…………..at least in my case my MOM has been my world.

#MyFirstExpert : My Mom, Not only a role model, but she is always been there to guide me through my life!

During my childhood days she was the one who created the value of education and played the role of a teacher who seemed to have an answer to each and every problem that I encountered; be it the hassles with my peer or something related to academics. She has always encouraged me to participate in all extracurricular activities during my school days which have really helped me to boost my confidence.

I have had a lot of difference of opinion with her, during my adolescent days, however she tackled it patiently and has always been there to guide me. 

My mom is more of a friend to whom I can freely discuss anything and everything in this world and she too manages to play the role of a mom, a teacher, a friend and a guide as per the situation.

My mom has been my role model and even now she is my inspiration. Her ever helpful and generous nature, her patience, good listening skills, her honesty is what makes her a gem of a person. 

My mother, a house maker has indeed imbibed the virtues of family in my heart. She has woven a great bonding in the family throughout her life and has shown me that the true way of leading life is by giving unconditional love to all.

I remember the days when I was a facing few issues in my professional life, though she is not acquainted to these issues she used to patiently hear me out when I used to vent my fears and frustrations to her. 

She has always been a great support in times of my difficulties, be it in my personal or professional life.  I have been very close to her and sometimes just her very presence seems to give me my confidence and strength to face the extremities of my life. She is the person to whom I confide all my fears, my hopes and my dreams. 

An optimist and my emotional support she is the one who always motivates me and has taught me to never give up in life. 

She is a person who has a good will for all, be it neighbors, friends and family; this very nature of hers has made her a person who is very much lovable by her neighbors, friends and of course her family. 

My mom has cultivated in me the habit of competing with the self and she staunchly believes this is the “mantra” for success. She tells me to live life to the utmost in whatever I have got instead of cribbing for what I wanted and did not get. I really appreciate her wisdom. 

Even today, just being with my Mom for a mere half an hour is an energizer which can help me to freshen up and face my life. 

My Mom, is my all in one solution and guide without whom I cannot imagine my life!!!

- A Grateful Daughter

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