Tuesday 24 March 2015

Yummy Breakfast @ Guptaji’s place for Kellogg’s nasta

Indians firmly believe that a good breakfast is the key for good health. During my school and college days sitting together and having the sumptuous breakfast with all family members was a daily routine. It used to provide a kick start to a beautiful day ahead. 

Recently my family doctor informed me that by merely having breakfast a person could protect their heart, lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, it gets you moving with more energy all day long also it enhances the memory power and might help one to keep the weight down. 

Wow! Feels so good however my lifestyle has changed so drastically nowadays I skip my breakfast everyday just to reach my office in time same is the case with my husband. Well, last week something changed and all of a sudden my neighbor Mrs. Gupta had her mother coming down from their native place and since it was a Saturday she requested me to accompany her to the station to receive her mother. 

Now, as a gratitude I was invited by the old lady for a breakfast on Sunday. As it was the case that I had been skipping my breakfast for a long time and even my husband was on a tour so I grabbed this opportunity.

The next morning there I was at Guptaji’s place for a much awaited breakfast at about 8 am. When I reached for the bell I could smell some delicious recipe being prepared. And soon I was happy to have accepted this breakfast. The old aunty gave me a modified version of so called “Chat” as she had made some changes to the traditional “Chat” to suit our modern needs. It was giving a sweet sour and fruity aroma. 

The recipe was a mixture of some raw veggies, oats and corn flakes and fruits with chutneys. I actually had 3 bowls full of the “Chat” and asked her to give me the recipe. She said it was sort of ready to cook with some prior planning.  One has to soak some black chana or Kabuli chana overnight and cook it in a pressure cooker with some salt. Simultaneously prepare some green chutney and tamarind chutney which we usually prepare for bhels or Sevpuri. First fry some Kellogg’s Oats in a pan. Then cool it and take equal amt of Kellogg’s Corn flakes in another bowl mix them. Take some boiled and cubed potatoes, onions, chopped tomatoes and cucumber, chopped green chilies, the boiled Kabuli or kala chana, take some yogurt and mix all these by adding black pepper powder and black salt as per taste and some coriander leaves chopped and also a dash of pomegranate or cut raw imli. Mix all the ingredients and serve instantly. This breakfast is not only much filling but also it provides the fibers through Kellogg’s Oats and Kellogg’s Corn flakes. It gives the benefits of yogurt and also the proteins from Kala chana or Kabuli chana. In additions the raw veggies have their own benefits.

The old lady not only gave me delicious breakfast but also taught me that though life has become very fast we too need to mould ourselves and make use of the different products available to us to suit our needs. Thanks to Kellogg’s Oat and Kellogg’s Corn flakes with their different flavors and also to the day I had breakfast at Guptaji’s place; I have not skipped my breakfast since then and think I am leading a more beautiful and meaningful life.

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