Monday 16 March 2015

#Takeaway, Yuseng or Lo Hei Best Singapore cuisine I have tasted

I had a wonderful opportunity to witness the “Lo Hei” or “Tossing up good fortune” during my visit to Singapore last year.  

I would first like to share with you all the beautiful way in which the food was prepared and then will definitely let you all know about it. 

A group of people were sitting in a round table conference with a considerable large plate full of colorfully arranged ingredients that included a base of raw salmon, traditional mackerels, shredded green and white radish that had been drained of their liquids, shreds of carrot which helped to add to the bright orange color, crushed nuts and Pomelo which is a citrus native fruit and pickled ginger. A lady started adding condiments to this dish and began with the fish slices followed by generous pepper powder then some golden colored fried crispy blocks and apricot sauce then she said something in Chinese language. Now all the people gathered around the table and by using their forks started to say “Lo Hei” and tossed the food on the plate. This went on for some time, the mood was joyous and sort of wishing one another “May you have a good year ahead”. It was an unique way of celebrating new year started my research about this unique Singaporean dish. 
#Takeaway,  Yuseng or Lo Hei Best Singapore cuisine I have tasted

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is world's most prosperous countries. The culture here is a mixture of Indian, Chinese and Malay. What I enjoyed the most was delicious food and ample shopping and yes its nightlife. There were various famous Singaporean dishes like Chill Crab, Bak Kut Teh, Chicken rice, Nasi Lemak and Laksa. However, it seems Yusheng, Lor Mee, Teochew-style Bak Chor Mee, Satay Beehoon and Hokkien Mee are  the dishes which have been termed as traditional Singaporean dishes.

“Lo Hei” is an appetizer and serves as good luck for the Chinese new lunar year. Yuseng or “Lo Hei”  is a typical Singaporean dish, one can say was invented especially for celebrating Chinese New Year. It is a non vegetarian food however what I liked the most was the use of ingredients which had some purpose and also some unique ritual was followed to eat this appetizer. Yuseng traditionally symbolizes prosperity for the coming year. The condiments added as seen earlier have some specific meaning : Fish slices symbolizes an abundance of everything throughout the year; pepper is sprinted  to attract more money and treasures; deep fried flour crisps in the form  o f golden pillows symbolizes gold and richness and good agricultural produce, fruity apricot sauce added to have a life full of sweetness; now the lady wishes everyone a promotion in their work and prosperity in their lives for the coming year by saying “ Feng Sheng shiu qi and bu bu gao sheng”. Now all the people gather around the dish and start to mix the ingredients in an unique way…by tossing and while doing this each and every one wishes for a good year and also one can add their own wish while tossing…Lo Hei means Tossing up the good fortune.

Well if you really wish to enjoy this dish plan your trip to Singapore around 8th Feb 2016 which is the next Chinese new year and witness Lo Hei………….the best time to visit Singapore is anytime between November till early March.

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