Wednesday 31 December 2014

Arun and Varun

Arun and Varun were twins. They looked exactly similar to each other. None, including their parents could identify who was whom. And this gave the twins several opportunities to play pranks. One of them would stand on the first floor of the school building and the other on the second floor. People moving from the ground to the third floor, who didn’t knew about the twins would be surprised and shocked. They used to wonder if it was God trying to convey something or if it was a devil trying to frighten them. The two twins always scored the same marks in all exams and teachers used to wonder if they communicated with each other using some technique unknown to the world.

But things were not the same when then moved to college. Arun sported a stubble and Varun was always clean shaven. Each one of them was proud of their looks. They would called themselves the most handsome guys on Earth. This difference no longer allowed them to play pranks but still they enjoyed looking the way they wanted.

But as days passed by, Arun started moving into a stage of depression. People used to talk much more with Varun than with Arun. The girls of the college always used to look out for an opportunity to go for lunch or dinner with Varun while they used to reject every invitation by Arun. Arun couldn’t understand the reason behind their behaviour.

Arun tried to imitate Varun in every possible way. He changed his dressing style and his way of talking and behaving to match that of Varun but still things remained the same. He appeared to be the only person on this entire Earth that the world didn’t want to talk with. One day, he had a lengthy discussion with Arun about the issue. They tried analysing each and every point and Varun asked Arun if his stubble was the reason. Arun ridiculed Varun saying that he was concentrating on unnecessary things instead of trying to find a solution. The discussion ended without a result.

The next day, Arun changed his mind and tried the suggestion given by Varun. He had a clean shave. What happened that day surprised both the twins. Now, people wanted to be with Arun as much as they wanted to be with Varun. And now, since they both looked the same in all aspects, they began playing pranks on unsuspecting strangers, once again.

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I am acknowledging the tag by Ranjith.

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