Friday 19 September 2014

To curb malware Google Play Store will display Android developer/publisher physical address from October 2014

Every time any App from Google Play Store spreads a malware or spam and is found to have a malware as its payload, Google security team is blamed for the mess created thereafter.  To counter this malware threat, Google is going to make the developers/publishers of paid Android Apps and Apps that feature in-app purchases to add a physical contact address to their account profile which will be visible to all Google Play store users. Until now only those who bought an App would see that particular piece of information it in their Google Wallet.

To curb malware Google will display Android devs' physical address from October 2014

This will be implemented compulsorily for all paid Apps and free Apps having the in-App purchases like Angry Birds etc. From 1st Oct, the developer/publishers address will be visible on the Google Play App page, to all users who wish to download or checkout the App/game. 

The company is already sending Pop-up notices about the new the new requirement on the developer console.  This was reported by Ryan Whitwam of Android Police.

The email being sent by Google to all the Google Play developers/publishers is given below :

As of September 30, 2014, we are implementing a number of new changes to how apps are listed and displayed on Google Play, in accordance with consumer protection laws and current best-practices, ensuring a more transparent and positive experience for users. They include:
  • We are requiring developers to provide a physical address for all paid apps or apps that enable in-app purchases. The address will be displayed to users in the app store listing page. By September 30, 2014, you'll be able to add a physical address by going to your Settings page on the Developer Console. Please comply within 30 days of the warning notification on the developer console. If you do not provide an address within this period, Google may take action affecting your account. This may include restricting your ability to update apps or publish new apps. Continued failure to provide an address may result in published apps being removed from the store.
  • We will display the price ranges for apps that offer in-app purchases and/or subscriptions on the app's store listing page.

It is hoped that above changes will curb the use of malware/spam in the Apps. However this is restricted only to those Apps which are listed on Google Play.  Android users downloading APKs from unreliable sources and sharing them are as susceptible to malware/spam as ever.

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