Saturday 13 September 2014

Superuser Latest APK Free Download for Android smart phones and tablets

If you are a hardcore Android smartphone and tablet user, the Superuser is a must for you. The Superuser App is an extremely handy tool for your Android smartphone or tablet that acts as a “Security Guard” and defines the root permissions for different Apps and Games installed on your device. The Superuser App ensures that your Android device’s system files aren’t modified without your permission, unnecessarily by different games and apps.

Download the latest Superuser Latest APK Free Download for Android smart phones and tablets

As you may have known and read all along, most Android Apps and Games have malicious scripts written in them to steal your data, personal information, contacts list etc.  Other more dangerous varieties try to damage your data by taking over the control of your device’s OS after getting root access. Even Google Play hosts such kind of Apps and if your are a diehard APK user, Superuser Android App ensures that only those Apps which you have permitted.  You can also let only clean Apps, permissions to access to the device file or root system.  You can also block all unnecessary file system modification possibilities.

Superuser comes in two versions, one is the basic free version that can be downloaded for free and can be used on any Android Smartphone or Tablet to secure its file system against possible attacks. You can download the full (latest) APK file of Superuser’s free version at below provided download links. The pro version of the App is branded as Superuser Elite and can be purchased from Google Play Store at a price of around $3 USD.

Features : As said above, Superuser blocks unnecessary attempts to change your device’s file system. Thus once the App is installed and configured on your Android device, your phone or tablet’s OS and its important core files become secure. The App requires that a rooted Android smartphone or tablet.

The basic features contained in Superuser free app are almost similar to that of its Elite version, however it has some additional features which can be unlocked only if you buy the Superuser Elite version for $3.00 (Rs.180.00). 

Advance log management
Notification settings for individual apps
Pin protection of the app to avoid unauthorized modifications to the app configuration
App settings backup and restore
NFC support
Ghost mode

In beta version of Superuser 3, some extra features have been introduced. These features aren’t stable fully yet and you need to download and install the beta version of the app to try the features. Features are listed below.

Entire settings backup and restore
SQLite installer and verifier
A widget (with undefined features)
Root console

The latest version APK of Android Superuser App can be downloaded from here.

The official Google Play version can be downloaded from here which is a July 2012 one.

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