Saturday 5 July 2014

Me, My Tata Nano, My Carlogic and fun with Carconnect.in website

I always wanted to own my own car but my earning didn’t match my dreams for a long time.  Finally the, one fine day, Tata announced its budget car, the TATA NANO.  I remember the day very well.  I saw the advertisement in Times of India and called the dealer.  The rep called me for a test drive next day.  I couldnt sleep the whole night. Imagine my anxiety and happiness that night.  I was virtually driving through streets of Mumbai in Tata Nano. The next day I went to the dealer and the first thing I tried was the height of the car and sitting position.  I am a six footer and not all cars match my lanky frame.  But Tata Nano fitted the bill perfectly and I today, am a proud owner of Tata Nano.

Me, My Tata Nano and fun with Carconnect.in
The Yellow one is MINE

I thought I will gain attention among my friends after I became a proud owner.  But sadly pretty soon I realised I am no hero in my social circle. First of all because most of them owned a better cars than my budget Nano. Further nobody really seemed much interested to hear my exciting Nano buying story.  My friends used to end my excitement by  concluding the most happening story of my life, with mere congrats for new car.

Me, My Tata Nano, My Carlogic and fun with Carconnect.in website

I may be a pauper, but I am good at cars and I know what exactly happening in car world.  In fact when I was a teenager and lived in South Mumbai, one of my favourite past times with my friends was to go to the Marine Drive stretch, sit on one of the benches, and predict the make of a foreign car that was coming.  Believe me, in those days of Amby's and Pammi's, only the Marine Drive stretch would throw up beauties like Mercedes, Chevrolot, Peugeot and a odd Audi on a regular basis.   And I did always win the predictions and a Kulfi as a prize.

Over the year I grew up not only in age but also wiser about my knowledge of cars.  I knew a thing or two about cars and their mechanics through the friendly neighbourhood mechanic who had owned a Standard and let me drive it once in a while.  In the meanwhile since my friends were mostly from the Malabar Hill area and rich folks they had already graduated to owning a Maruti or Ford Icon.  I used to share my Carlogic with them and suggest them new things.  But my suggestions and my car knowledge went vain as no one took me seriously just for the fact that I didnt own a car.

Coming back to my Nano, sadly though my Nano arrived and I was proud car owner still no one considered me serious as my car wasn’t the wannabe one. I was little upset as I didn’t get much attention as I thrived for.

Me, My Tata Nano, My Carlogic and fun with Carconnect.in website
But one day it all changed, thanks to carconnect.in. Like every other cars website available now a days, I thought this one too was one those, which lets you see, buy and sell used cars. I did that in my old days, venture out used car websites, ogle at the beauties, squirm at the prices of used cars and close the window as even the oldies didnt match my petty budget.

But Carconnect was different.  At first visit, I even thought its one of the data mining thingy as it expected me to login using my facebook Id.  I realised my mistake as soon as I joined and opened the website.  This is a true car lovers website!!!!

On carconnect.in, I met plenty of car-like-minded people who were interested in my Carlogic.  Pretty soon,  I had built up my car-minded-friends circle. I even found audience to listen my small car big experiences. My post got the genuine appreciation it always needed.

Let me share you all the best day of my life on Carconnet. One day, a Carconnect member asked me for a honest god forbidding review of Tata Nano, as he intend to buy it and like me he too was a pauper. I tell you all, that day, I felt like a hero. I advised him about why I loved my Nano and the intricacies of car buying.  To my joy, he also became a proud owner of a car.

Writing is my passion. I am tech writer but I can also write many things. I uploaded my long drive experiences in carconnect.in. Later one day I got a message on chat room from a person saying how my experience helped him to plan his long drive with his wife.

Not only that, the other time, one of my friends confided in me that he wanted to take his date on a long drive in his new car and wasnt sure about the destination. I smugly sent him a link of carconnect, and he has wed his date.  You can read the rest of the story on his Carconnect profile. Later he called me to thank me and now remains my BFF. After decades I became a hero in my friend’s circle!!!

Now this other time, I was at a all boys party celebrating a friends birthday.A friend of mine said that he had decided to change his car but couldnt decide on the new model he wanted to buy. I offered him help via Googling. He replied that Googling throws up fake reviews and he needs a honest opinion before investing on a new car. The guy wanted to buy a model which none of us, his friends had.  After the party, which was heavy, next day, like a true friend, I sent him carconnect.in link and asked him to venture out there. And now he and I are groupies on Carconnect and he is the proud owner of that car.

On Carconnect, I write about my every day car experiences, even update latest car news for my friends. I feel happy because carconnect.in provides huge audience who are craving for car news and updates.

What more can you expect from a car related website?

Friends, it’s a website which provides platform for all car lovers to meet many other car lovers around the globe. Its UI is very navigation friendly with additional bonus in other perks like winning medals and making it to home page under three categories :
1-Top Badge Owner
2-Most Popular Car Experience
3-Most Popular Long drive Experience

Go Login,write your experiences and be a hero just like me. After who doesnt like a bit of publicity and popularity??

This post is a honest to god review of my fav car website, the www.carconnect.in

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