Monday 24 March 2014

WhiteHat Aviator Browser beta released for security, privacy and anonymity while browsing on Windows

At this point and time nobody has any idea whether their browsing history, online communication etc is being seen by any other person other then the intended one.  Snowden leaks about the NSA's various methods had made the users more conscious about their data privacy, security and anonymity.  The task of keeping your internet sessions in a daunting one in face of the information that every major tech company gives/is forced to give this information to the authorities.  WhiteHat has just come up with a solution for all the users who want private, secure and anonymous network.  It has released the beta version of its Aviator browser for Windows.

WhiteHat Aviator Browser beta released for security, privacy and anonymity while browsing on Windows

Aviator is built on the Chromium code base, like Google Chrome, and is designed with security, privacy and anonymity of the user. The browser, by default, doesn’t allow any tracking of users’ movements on the Web and WhiteHat doesn’t have any partnerships with advertisers or tracking companies. It also has DuckDuckGo set as the default search engine and DuckDuckGo as you all know, doesn’t save any search history data from users or perform any tracking.

Aviator's USP is its disconnection with the ad networks. Ads form a prime part in the tracking system as you may have noticed with Google.  You protect you from trackers, ads or otherwise, Aviator doesn’t make any connections to ad networks at all, which stops a large part of the tracking done on Web pages and also prevents potentially malicious ads from running. This one difference also makes the the web pages load faster in Aviator than many of the other major browsers.

WhiteHat released a Mac OS X version of Aviator in October, and it has since been downloaded tens of thousands of times, company officials said. Now the company has launched the beta version of the Aviator browser for Windows users.  

You can download the Aviator Browser for Windows here, do remember it is beta version.

If you own a Mac OS X and have still not downloaded the Aviator Browser, you can download it here.

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  1. Never thought so much about browsing history etc but its a must to look into security and privacy.


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