Sunday 9 February 2014

Nestle and Kitkat mess up the contest again...two participants are denied their just and legal prize

The Google Nexus KitKat contest which started in India in September 2013, has still not been brought to its logical conclusion. Many Winners are yet to receive their Google Nexus 7 2013 as promised by Nestle Kitkat.  
It has been a extremely controversial contest right from the start, with its organisers facing a lot of complaints and to an extent even online campaign from winners who are extremely unhappy with the way the contest has been organized by Nestle India, Google and managed by  GroupM Media, Gurgaon.

Nestle and Kitkat mess up the contest again...two participants are denied their just and legal prize

As the readers must be knowing, Nestle in assistance with a organising agency called GroupM had organised a campaign to coincide with the launch of Android 4.4 KITKAT in India.

Nestle and Kitkat mess up the contest again...two participants are denied their just and legal prize

Now Nestle India and the KitKat winners team are gearing for another battle, where two winners of the competition, Mr. Parimal Sen and Mr. Mayur Patil’s contention and claim have been rejected after waiting for their prizes for nearly more than four months. When contacted, Nestle have said that “According to the  Terms and Conditions the wrapper of the winning KitKat bar must be included along with the documents sent by winners”.  Nestle allegedly say the wrappers are missing for these two winners and hence has cancelled the claims of the above two contestants. 

But according to Parimal and Mayur, they had sent the winning wrapper along with the documents as directed by Nestle in their Terms & Conditions, which have reached the Nestle /GroupM office as seen in Courier details below.

Nestle and Kitkat mess up the contest again...two participants are denied their just and legal prize

Mayur had a discussion with the Nestle customer care Exec and here is a Youtube video giving the audio transcript of the conversation which occurred.

Despite of the fact that both the contestants have proof of their respective packages reaching Nestle/GroupM, the organizers claim that they have not received the same and have been asking both these winners to send to all over documents again. This shows a lot of inconsistency on part of the organisers including the top Kitkat hierarchy, where at one end the winners are producing Courier Tracking proofs showing the documents have been delivered and at the other, the organizers,  Nestle/GroupM is allegedly not received their packages.   Rather than solving this problem amicably, the organizers, who have already faced a lot of heat on account of discrimination against Indians are persisting with their stand, thereby resulting in both Parimal and Mayur not getting their genuine prizes.

Both the winners also said Nestle made them wait for more than four months before informing them about the above package problems.  It seems that the organizers deliberately dragged the issue to such an end that they were sure other winners would have received their own Google Nexus 7 2013 and lost interest about the contest.  Nestle/GroupM informed both Parimal/Mayur only on 6th Feb of their alleged non receipt of packages, a whole 4 months after the contested was concluded,  A long wait as this for any contest winner can be frustrating,  especially when you come to know that you are disqualified only at the end.

Such a controversy is not the first to hit Nestle India during the Contest. Neslte India were previously giving winners a year older version of the Nexus 7, after winners came together and protested and the incident being reported by various Top blog sites including comboupdates, Android Police, Phandroid. Nestle took cognisance of the huge uproar this created and backtracked on its decision and decided that Indians would indeed be getting the latest version of the Google Nexus 7 like the winners in other parts of the world.

Another inconsistency noted is the very poor communication or sometime lack of it on behalf of the organizers.  Also the use of English language in the communication has been very horrible with emails coming from a not so professional id ‘nestlekitkat1@gmail.com’. See this for example:

Nestle and Kitkat mess up the contest again...two participants are denied their just and legal prize

The Facebook group created by the Google Nexus 7 2013 winners to fight against the discrimination pointed out above, is again up in arms for their comrades.  Comboupdates sincerely hopes that Nestle/Kitkat would heed to the requests of the two winners and despatch their prizes to them immediately.  It would be a great sorrow if Nestle were to disqualify these two by hiding behind the excuse of some stupid mistake on part of the desk clerk sitting at Despatch of Group M.

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  1. The Contest Entries of above two winners are legitimate and concerned people need to support the cause in any way possible.

    Although they have quite a backing in terms of proofs (that confirm their genuine participation, winning and Documents), they still need support from winners here who have been following comboupdates.com since the contest started in sep 2013.

    Show yopur support for the case !

    1. Yes Anon We stand for what is right and just and both Parimal and Mayur should receive their prizes

  2. These Nestle guys never learn. I thought they woudn't do the same mistake twice, but they continue to upset winners.Hope these two guys get their Tabs. Cmon! Nestle India if you'll are reading this...Common.. its just 2 tabs .. make the winners happy! and be Happy too!

  3. justice is same for everyone... every winner has the right to get nexus tablet.. these two also sent the documents how can they go missing... also everybody sent the docs twice we dunno the reason

  4. Its Just poor Management at the office where all these important documents were courieried! - GroupM the one handling the contest for Nestle India.

  5. Why do they run contests if they are not going to be fair. The whole idea of a contest is to get lots of people to participate, promote the product and have a fair chance of winning. This is not good for the winners as well as for Nestle.

    1. JUST IMAGINE this could have happened to any winner from the 1000s in India. The wrapper of a kitkat chocolate with such faded type of code printed on it, was a risky deal.

      MAYUR sent his Participation Package containing wrapper through a premium service of DTDC courier for first time (i.e PRIMETIME METRO PLUS) then subsequently sent again all his legal documents a second time using BLUEDART courier (again a much preferred premium service)

      BOTH time its is has been recorded that the documents with wrapper have reached the GroupM office (which has been mishandled and allegedly been made to like like its lost or not received)


    2. Friends, Please sign the Petition and support the winners of the KitKat Nexus Contest. http://goo.gl/1eKwKM

  6. Exactly Athenas.... After the goof up in Decemeber the least they could make sure that they dont disappoint winners again. And they have done exactly that.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. friends, i have evidence that some of the winners were not randomly selected.
    some of the winner's names are just dummy.
    i have sent nearly 100 entries over the contest period.
    using various modes and various combinations( like 10 entries in a single hour and one entry per hour etc)
    various timings.
    i didnt win even one tab.
    see the selection of winners
    eg- see the dates 7th oct to 12 th oct
    cv sunitha from AP got 5 tabs in the name of (tv sunitha /cv sunitha/pv sunitha)
    dont you find something fishy??????
    contact me @ pothurigokulkrishna@gmail.com

  9. Gokul even I din't win, their employees must have it arranged for their own family members......

  10. We should fight as last time....

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. "the organizers claim that they have not received the same and have been asking both these winners to send to all over documents again".

    This happened to me as well. I resent the documents but without the wrapper as directed by Nestle.

    Got my tab last month.


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