Monday 20 January 2014

VLC Player 2.2 now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Google Drive and Dropbox integration, download now

Publishers VideoLAN today published version 2.2 of VLC for iOS on the iTunes App Store.  This updated version offers a very new, redesigned and refreshing interface for Apple's latest os,  iOS 7 and also the old iOS 6 users.  Among the new features on the VLC for iOS, notable are Google Drive integration and Dropbox streaming.

VLC Player 2.2 now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Google Drive and Dropbox integration, download now

The VLC for iOS 2.2 now integrates with your favourite cloud services for downloading video with Google Drive and Streaming with Dropbox.  You also get new and improved multitouch gestures and a vastly improved library of TV Shows and audio files.  The update also brings about better UPnP integration with downloading support, improved privacy options, a start up tutorial for newbies, new streaming formats and protocols.

The update has also added support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), https playback, system-wide HTTP proxy settings, m3u streams, and vlc:// custom protocol handling.

The other features which will come with the update are as follows :

• Improved feedback for media download progress including data bitrate, procentual progress and estimated remaining download time
• Opening network streams no longer leads to a collapsed file system hierarchy on the remote system. After playback, you can continue where you left off.
• Added bookmarks for FTP servers
• Previously removed episodes and tracks no longer show up in the respective group listings
• Improved privacy by requesting the passcode immediately after leaving the app and by obfuscating playback metadata if passcode lock is enabled
• Added support to endlessly repeat the currently playing item
• Added option to disable file name display optimizations
• TV Shows are sorted by Season number / Episode number and Music Albums respectively by track number
• Added ability to rename any media item in the library view
• Added deletion of multiple media items in one step
• Improved TV Show handling for shows with more than 100 episodes
• If your media was recognized as part of a music album, the next track will automatically start playing afterwards
• New translations to Czech, Malay, Persian, Spanish (Mexico)

You can download this must have player for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from Apple Store here.

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