Tuesday 27 August 2013

DynamicNotifications App get a Moto X smart phone type 'Active Display' on your any Android device 4.0 and above

DynamicNotifications App get a Moto X smart phone type 'Active Display' on your any Android device 4.0 and above

One of the most talked about features in the Motorola's Moto X is the 'Active Display' which lets you receive updates and notifications even when its phone is asleep.  The thought about having a Active Display on a current Android smart phone seems mouth watering.  Therefore Niko001 went ahead and build one for all Android devices having versions 4.0 and above.  The App developed by Niko001 uses the new "Notification Listener" service introduced in 4.3 and therefore has minimal impact on your battery. If you own an AMOLED-phone, the "battery saving" feature should work automatically, since black pixels are simply not turned on. The app comes with similar features as the Moto X Active Display (such as not turning on when the device is inside your pocket, purse, or lying face down).

The recent update has added compatibility for 4.0+ devices via the "Accessibility service" and now the DynamicNotifications should work on any Android phone 4.0 and up but the publisher says that this works best on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.  

To check whether the App is correctly installed, do switch off your Android device screen and send a email to yourself from your desktop.  Your phone should awaken immediately with the notification light of new mail immediately.  

To set up the lockscren to off when it is in your pocket or purse, go to your phone system > settings > Security > and under the head "Device Adminstrators" tick the checkbox next to the "DynamicNotifications".  This will ensure that your phone will be locked as soon as it hits your pocket or purse.  Do remember, the App is not a security replacement and will only work when you receive notifications when your Device Screen is locked.  

 The updated App is now compatible with Android 4.0 and above phones but if you are using Android 4.3 on the GPE phones, it will make use of the new "NotificationListenerService" feature introduced in Android 4.3. Support for Android 4.0 to 4.2 is experimental, at the moment so if you have any bugs to report please do so in the comments section.  

To uninstall the App  go to system settings, select "Security", “Device Administrators” and uncheck the DynamicNotifications-entry. Once you have done this, you can now uninstall the App like you normally uninstall any App.  
- My phone starts talking to me when I enable the app?!
This is a known Samsung-bug; Please go your system settings, select "Apps" --> Samsung TTS engine --> DisableThe 
The features of this DynamicNotifications are immense and listed below :
* Notifications don't light up when your phone is in your pocket, purse, or face down to avoid accidental unlocks
* Select which app-notifications you'd like to receive via DynamicNotifications
* "Custom timeout": Select for how long DynamicNotifications should be shown 
* "Sleep at night": Don't show notifications at night 
* "More privacy": Hide additional notification details (e.g. SMS text, sender)
* "Adjust screen brightness": Select how bright the DynamicNotifications screen should be
* Automatically switch off screen when dismissing notifications
The additional features which Niko001 has added today via update are
- "Breathing"-feature (notifications reappear after a custom interval)
- New high-quality icons for popular apps (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, WhatsApp)
- "Use as lockscreen" (Shows the notification screen every time you unlock your device, even if there are no new notifications)
- "Auto-on" feature (pulling the phone out of your pocket or picking it up from lying face-down (!) on a table shows the notifications screen)
- "Night-mode" fix
- Rebranding ("DynamicNotifications")

Bug : There is a known Samung Bug which makes the go awake once DynamicNotifications is enabled.  To disable the bug go to your system settings  and select 'App's > Samsung TTS Engine and disable the Samsung TTS Engine and your Samsung Android device should work fine.  

To download this must have App visit Google Play here.  If you are a developer and would like to do some tinkering, you can download the Apk file from here.  

The latest beta release version DynamicNotifications 1.8Beta can be downloaded from here.  Do remember this is a beta version and may contain both, bugs and bug fixes.

If you want to see what Moto X Active Display is all about and how DynamicNotifications will work on your Android phone, check out the video below :

Also do download the utter! Voice Commands to wake up your Android Devices Moto X style or open almost all peripherals, kindly read this post here to enable the Moto X style wake up

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