Friday 16 August 2013

Chatting with GIFs on Android and iOS devices now possible with GIF Chat, make your own GIFs and start texting

Most of us like to use animated smileys on chats so why should chatting on Android be different.  Now you can do so with 1000+ characters that GIF Chat offers you for texting.  Launched by Pinger Inc, GIF Chat is a must have App for you, if you are hooked to chatting.  This beautiful App is free for both iOS and Android devices.
Chatting with GIFs on Android and iOS devices now possible with GIF Chat, make your own GIFs and start texting

In addition to the chatting with GIF images, GIF Chat also lets you send self destructing messages which as you have guessed will be GIF images with text which will self destruct.  

The feature loaded App also lets you send 6 second videos which will also self destruct.  Remember you can also chat cross platform from iOS to Android with GIF Chat and vice versa.  To use the GIF Chat for both iOS and Android you have to be sign up with Textfree or Pinger  and you can then use the login credentials for GIF Chat.  Your existing contacts will be automatically added to the GIF Chat contact list.

Here are the details of the App :
1. You can swap private video messages that can only be seen by the receiver. GIF Chat videos can loop forever or disappear when you want them to.
2. You determine how many times someone can see your GIF video. Set the number of loops and after that… poof, it’s gone! Not shy about sharing it? You can allow it to loop forever.
3. GIFs are 6-second compressed videos that loop over and over. They’re also known as animated GIFs. Not sure how to pronounce it? We say GIF with a soft G, like “jif,” but if you prefer the hard G of “great,” that’s cool, too. They’re hilarious either way.
4. Chat makes creating and sharing GIFs super easy. Just open the app, tap to start recording (selfie or forward-facing camera), set the loop speed and the number of loops and the app turns it into an animated GIF. Add text and then send it privately to a friend just like a text message.
5. If you’re one of the millions of current Textfree or Pinger users, use your Pinger number/username to log in to GIF Chat. All of your friends who use Pinger or Textfree will be marked with a purple dot. You can easily send them invites to download and log in to GIF Chat. If you don’t use Pinger or Textfree, you can quickly invite friends to GIF Chat with traditional texts or email.
• Easily create GIFs
• Personalize your GIFs with text
• Have a private GIF messaging conversation 
• Respond with texts of up to 1000 characters 
• Decide when your GIF disappears
• Your friends need GIF Chat on their device to view the GIFs you send them
• iPod touch and iPad users need Wi-Fi
• GIF Chat is ad-supported, so you will see ads from time to time

You can download this must have Chat App for your Android devices from Google Play here.

iPhone and iPad owners can download the GIF Chat App from Apple Store here.

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