Sunday 28 July 2013

Should I move to WordPress from Blogger which one is good or do I keep going on Blogger


Today I completed 200K visitors (as per blogger views) on comboupdates.com and am in a celebratory mood.  I started my blog at the free blogger domain with vvpvijay.blogspot.com on 16th Dec 2012 and moved to a custom domain hosted by blogger on 8th May 2013.  Within a short period of 7 months I have achieved this success due to you, my readers, So I gleefully thank you and hope you continue to visit my blog. I have also nominated comboupdates.com for IBAwards hosted by indiblogger.in.  If you like my blog, you can kindly visit here and click on the Facebook Like button and I will be ever so grateful to you.
Should I move to WordPress from Blogger which one is good or do I keep going on Blogger

The move was highly successful due to the help and guidance from Rehmat Alam an ace blogger and CEO & owner of supportivehands.net.   But Rehmant has moved on from blogger to WordPress and I to am in double mind to follow suit.

Blogger is easy to handle and FREE.  The custom domain cost me around $10.00 (Rs.600.00) and the abosulutely fabulous hosting from Google Servers for free.  But like they say in films with fame comes responsibility.  The responsibility to give more useful tutorials, Apps, games and my views on the world as a whole. 

There is a deep urge inside me to move to a self hosted domain with WordPress.  But should I do it?
Pros of Blogger :
Extremely easy to use  Writing articles and posting them from Blogger is very easy.
Search ready Google owns the blogspot domain hence most of the search parameters are built in.  You have to only add the xxx.blogspot.in/sitemap.xml to the Webmaster Tools of Bing and Google and you are done.
Robust Servers  Google servers are the best there is.  The blogspot can easily take 25000+ visitors at a time(the highest I got is 460) and zero downtime you don't need to worry about bandwidth or speed.
Very easy to set up Tons of templates available for free over the netzone make it very easy to set up even if you don't know HTML. The blogger edit template option is also very easy as they come. The Layout allows you to add widgets with ease.  Blogspot can also be customised for mobile devices.
Fully integrated with Adsense (Google’s advertising division).  This one is the best features of Blogspot.  You get it for free and can monetize it if you have got good content.

Cons : 
Google owns your blog  This is the biggest drawback of being on a blogspot.  One fine day you find out that you have inadvarently violated the Google ToS and Poof! your blog disappears within seconds.  
Limited number of templates Though there are tons of templates available still you can't make necessary customisations you require in the template.  I was lucky to have found this wonderful template but I cannot customise it (for eg. I can't add Facebook Like popup widget.)
Limited Gadgets :  Another disadvantage with Blogspot is the limited gadgets they offer(though you can get many of them on the net)

I am undecided as of yet whether to move to WordPress or stay with blogger but am getting myself attuned to WordPress through Wamp localhost.  I have found it extremely complex in nature with a lots of plugins (there is a plugin for everything) and cutomisations. Till the time I get used to it, I might as well stay on with my good friend Google.  

However if you want to move from Blogger to WordPress, Rehmat Alam, who has recently shifted to WordPress had written a nice ebook giving the advantages and the procedure of shifting to WordPress. The tutorial is a must read if you plan to migrate to WordPress without losing your visitors, SEO or SERPS.  To download the ebook authored by Rehmant Alam click here(the ebook is in PDF format) or visit his site here.
Should I move to WordPress from Blogger which one is good or do I keep going on Blogger

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my eBook bro :). I hope you will also shift to WordPress in upcoming days.

    1. Thanks Bro for all the guidance and help you have given me throughout these 7 months. Yes I do hope to move to WP in couple of months and know you will be there for me (f)

    2. Sure bro, I'm always there to help you if I can. Indeed you have supported me a lot. Thank you for being with me.. :)

    3. And congratulations to reach 200k pageviews (h)

  2. Bro...First of Congrats of 200k visitor..And Hope to see you in Wordpress soon.. :)

    1. Thanks Harsha, its because of friends like you that I have achieved this milestone (h)

  3. Congrats Vijay, on 200k visitors. Thats really grt to reach tht milestone in just 7months...

    1. Thanks Meghana, hope you too join the club soon and surpass me :)

    2. Vijay, i might need years to reach 200k... Surpassing you, sounds impossible...

    3. Meghana just remove the first two words from impossible and you can do it. BTW I had just 614 visitors in my first month ie December 2012 (c)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Ani and hope that your blog also makes it big :-d

  5. I love blogspot service and I don't see shifting to other services in coming 10 years unless they shut down their service which is highly improbable... Yea, when I get more committed to my blogs I can get them two dot com or dot in names [foreseeing the future wala smile]


:) :-) :)) =)) :( :-( :(( :d :-d @-) :p :o :>) (o) [-( :-? (p) :-s (m) 8-) :-t :-b b-( :-# =p~ :-$ (b) (f) x-) (k) (h) (c) cheer

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