Thursday 27 June 2013

Voice calls, videos calls, P2P file sharing with new Mozilla Firefox browser for Windows, Mac and Android devices

A June parting gift from Mozilla, make voice calls and videos calls from the new Mozilla Firefox 22 browser for PC and Mac and Android devices.  Mozilla this week updated Firefox to version 22 and with it brings nice little changes to the browser.  For one it is very stable, and now supports video Chat, voice calling and P2P file sharing from within the browser itself.  The Peer to Peer (P2P) sharing has been made possible because of Mozilla guys have made WebRTC default in the new version.
Voice calls, videos calls, P2P file sharing with new Mozilla Firefox browser for Windows, Mac and Android devices

For those who are interested in browser history and web based development, this update is really a big leap because the default  WebRTC will now allow developers to create web apps with built-in voice and video calling, and peer-to-peer file sharing without having to implement third-party plugins or software like Adobe Flash etc.  This also means that security wise your computer and browser are much safer.  Developers just have to add a few lines of codes to draw out the full potential WebRTC’s PeerConnection and DataChannel components to add video/voice calling and file sharing capabilities to the Web Apps being developed by them.

This update is also important for the App developers of Firefox OS for smart phones.  The browser also comes enabled with Asm.js optimisations, which is a subset of JavaScript that lets web apps run just like the inbuilt native programs. Which means the App and game developers can use the engine from within the browser to run 3D Apps and games.   

Mozilla first demoed this capability at the Game Developers Conference in March. The company teamed up with Epic Games to port the Citadel demo and Unreal Tournament to Asm.js, and showed off the two ports running natively in Firefox.

The Windows version of the browser now will display scaling options so that the text size is rendered as per the resolution.  which means the new Firefox browser will render text in a larger font if your display is HD and lower the rendition for normal displays.   The Mac OSX version now puts a download progress icon in the Dock. The WebGL rendering has also been improved.

The Android version now scales completely to present the full tablet UI on smaller screens which is really helpful if you have a 4.3 inch Android device.  The WebGL rendering performance has been also improved through “asynchronous canvas updates” according to Mozilla guys.   The release makes a interesting fact as Microsoft today released a preview of IE11.  Maybe the browser wars will start afresh now

Get the latest version of Firefox for the PC and Mac here. The Android users can download the App from Google Play here.

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  1. Wow thats a nice update from MOzilla..and very detailed info... :)

  2. communication turning free slowly !! good for the next gen. Informative post

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