Sunday, 2 June 2013

Buy a custom domain without hosting from any host and get 5 email ids free with

If you are hosting your site on blogger platform and want to move to a custom domain without buying hosting, you can do so with any host provider.  Google itself provides one for $10.00 a year.  However the main problem with not having a host is that you can't have professional looking email id like or And you can use these email ids within your gmail id. Because most host only give you domain registrations without any email forwarding.

However there is a way out.  Namecheap is a good hosting and domain registration provider and it also lets you use its servers to host emails from any custom domain.  There is a limitation of 5 emails for the free users.

Buy a custom domain without hosting from  any host and get 5 email ids free with

Why I am writing this article? Because I was floored by the very good customer service Namecheap has.  I have purchased a custom domain from Bluehost while I continue to host my blog from blogger.  Contacting Bluehost is very difficult as their customer service runs only from 8.00 pm IST onwards.  Further contacting their service was a big headache because for over 15 minutes I got to hear only the music at the cost of ISD rates.  Overall when my call was done, I got no solution and was left poorer by Rs.120.00.

I got to know about Namecheap services from a blogger friend of mine.  But due to lack of knowledge in the technicalities of CNAME, DNS etc, I got stuck.  My site was down for more 5 hours due to improper settings.  Ultimately I started a chat with the Namecheap representative by the name of Ted.V.  And believe me, he guided me through the process for 2 whole hours without any sweat.  I could only thank my stars and him for helping me out.

Remember, I was a free customer using their services for free.  But at the end of it I was so impressed with their service, I will move my domain as well as hosting to them.  They give domain registration at $9.87 in which you also get subdomains.

A tutorial on adding email as I have said above on Namecheap servers is given here.  Do make use of its brilliant free service.

Vijay Prabhu

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