Saturday 4 May 2013

An App which tells you how to save your battery for Android and iOS devices

An App which tells you how to save your battery for Android and iOS devices

Your smart phone is a battery guzzler or you feel your smart phone drains more quickly then your friends one.  Then this is a App for you.  Available for both the Android OS and iOS, the App gently sits and watches your phone usage for a week.  After 'about a week' it advises you, what you can do to save your battery longer and biggest plus point is, it is free.

The unique thing about this App is it is based on kind of heuristics and gives you personalised recommendations on saving your battery.    The App doesn't run in the background as many surveillance Apps do, but rather you have open it every day for a week to let it know what your phone usage is.  It uses location services by displaying a little icon but does not use GPS however it does use internet.

At the end of the week it will give you the kind of information you need to save your battery to maximum.  As you use your device, Carat occasionally takes measurements and sends them to Carat backend servers in the cloud, where algorithms determine what steps you can take to use less energy. By collecting snippets of non-personal data from a large number of devices, Carat does not need to run continuously in the background.   Further information collected is not personal so your identity is safe.

Carat will tell you which apps it thinks are hogs (they use a lot of battery) and which are bugs (they use a lot of battery on your device but not most others). Being a hog or a bug does not make an app 'bad', but a user trying to improve their battery life can use these designations to adjust their behaviour.

The features of Carat include the following :
- Action List telling you how to improve your battery life and by how much
- Device information detailing exactly what data we are recording
- Reports apps that are using lots of energy and whether that is happening on other devices, too
- Detail views let you dive down into the data
- Low-overhead sampling requires almost no energy or CPU
- J-Score tells you how your battery efficiency compares to other users
- Sharing features let you post/tweet/blog about your experience; more users means more data which means better recommendations for you

So next time your phone drains earlier than a similar phone  your friend has, you know what to do.  Kindly download the iOS App from the Apple Store and Android users can download the app from the Google Play.  

Kindly put in your comments on the App.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. Cool app.. It really irritates when your phone runs out of charge sooner...

  2. Yes Rehmat Bro, downloaded it yesterday but have to wait for 1 week to see its results.


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