Thursday 4 April 2013

DA (Dearness Allowance) orders for 1.1.2013 to be issued today by the Government of India.

DA (Dearness Allowance) orders for 1.1.2013 to be issued today by the Government of India.

The staff working in the Government institutions are waiting with a baited breath for increase of DA (Dearness Allowance) for the period starting 1.1.2013.  The DA is paid by the government to the employees to mitigate the rise in prices.  The government employees through out India have been waiting for the DA rates from 1.1.2013 orders for which are yet to be issued by the Government.

As we all know the prices have gone through the roof since the last DA in 1.7.2012 was announced.  A litre of petrol now costs Rs.5.00 more than it did in July 2012 and a litre of Diesel now costs Rs.54.87 compared to 45.00 something it cost in July 2012.

The media and the newspapers seem to think that the Government is giving free dole outs to its employees with the headlines shrieking 8 % DA announced for government employees.  It is indeed a pain to see such a headline by incompetent fools who sit in airconditioned cabins get a yearly raise amounting to 20000-100000  who just dont understand that a government employee doesnt have the privilege of deciding what raise he/she should get.  A government employee gets a flat raise of 3% per year without any discrimination from the top HAG cadre officers to the peons and other low category staff.

Neither do they get the perks like a airconditioned office, lunch passes, annual fixed LFC of 50000.00 or unlimited tea and coffee for them.  Many offices don't even have a decent fans (the vintage fans adorning many offices are visible in GPO or the CTO).  An government employee gets Rs.3750.00 as festival advance once a year.  In today's inflation driven situation the 3750.00 is not enough for even hosting a small party for 4 friends leave alone celebrating any festival.  And mind you this advance is to be returned to the government in monthly installments.  Other things the private offices manage to do is to give certain compensation in cash which any case is devoid of income tax.  Whereas a government servant can never escape the claws of income tax as all pay and allowances are guided by the government rules and regulations.

Anyways back to the subject of DA, the government is finally going to announce the DA.  Kindly visit the finmin site here or CGA site here.  Do check it out by 8.00 pm today.   Yesterday on 4.4.2013, the CCEA met and decided on the Sugar decontrol but no news yet on the DA.  

Hope this explains the DA and the headlines.  Keep your eyes peeled for the DA orders and tell me about it so I can give information to other government offices about the rise.  You can leave a comment in the comment box and I will answer it.

Vijay Prabhu
Update 6.4.2013 : As of today the DA orders have not been issued by the Finance Ministry.  There are two possibilities for the delay, one is the absence of Finance Minister and the other is that Govt. may just be thinking about giving something more than just 8 % DA as it is on its last legs.

Update 12.4.2013 : Today the Fin Min put out the resolution for fixing of annual rates of all type of provident funds of Government of India, which are 8.7 % p.a. for the financial year 2013-14, by the way, but there is still no DA order.

Update 14.4.2013 : The finmin.nic.in site is down since morning and the Finance Minister is leaving for Canada and USA for a two week tour to IMF and WB today and there are still no clarifications on DA.  Kindly keep checking the finmin site for update on DA orders.

Update 18.4.2013 : Government to finally declare DA today.  Read the article here.

Update 25.4.2013 : At long last the Government has issued the orders today at 5.00 pm please read this article here

A lot of State Government employees from Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, etc. visit this page, for them I would like to inform that if I get any DA order related to any State I will put it up on comboupdates.  Just click to the Subscribe Now! and you will receive instant updates, if any!

1, Maharashtra State Government employees can get their DA orders here.

2. Madhya Pradesh State Government has issued DA orders, MP State employees can download their DA orders here.  Else they can view their order here in orders section.

3. Kerala State Government has issued the DA orders for its employees, download the PDF file here.

DA orders for Madhya Pradesh State Government Employees issued by the state government for July 2013, read the article/get the order here

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  1. You are welcome

  2. is there any news of FM getting back from japan so that he can take this issue of da as fast as he can? it has been already too late.

  3. No Milind there is no info. But I think it is much more than FM being absent. The orders are not signed by him so why is Fin Min taking so long. This may be something else.

  4. I hope for 9%.....

  5. thanx. i guess the decision will either be taken this week...................... or forget it. what do you think?

  6. No idea Milind my sources in Delhi tell me the orders will be signed tomorrow but the Finance Minister is in Mumbai today so your guess is as good as mine

  7. You are right it's our right but it is too late to clarify this issue. whatever decisions they want to take, they should have taken earlier. Instead, they are not heeding any attention as nothing is heard or watched on TV news. Anyways inform me whenver u have any .

  8. i guess the situation is going to like state government emplooyees where they have to stage protest to get such allowances that too after delay of 6 months upto year

  9. Arjun Kumar Vij Pensioner15 April 2013 at 12:39

    UPA-II did not care much for poor hapless central government employees. Finance Minister cannot understand how government employees are pulling on with the meager amount they are getting in shape of pension/salary. Government should understand that there are certain pockets in Delhi where the government employees have existence of large number and it will give them some problems both in Delhi election and Parliamentary election. This is only paltry relief which.we are getting as DA. With regard to merger of DA with basic pay government is not in a mood even to talk with the leaders of the employees. I don't know why our leaders are so soft in negotiating with the government regarding the problems of central government employees. I think there is something fishy............................

  10. Yes I agree with you Mr.Arjun atleast the Government should clarify the delay. It is ridiculous that one day one person from Minsitry is absent and other day somebody else is absent and that is why DA orders are not being issued.
    The Delhi CG employees have written a letter today regarding the release of DA but still there is no answer clarification from the Finance Ministry

  11. still no sign of declaration of d a? People of central govt association or federation holding higher posts need to do something. Simply sending a letter to FM remained fruitless as AIRF sent it. It's really strange to see govt's face.... no response. god knows how long will it take?

  12. Yes Milind I dont know what is happening. In today Hindustan Times on Page 9 it is given that the Cabinet meet scheduled today 16.4.2013 has been cancelled because "there was no pressing agenda before the cabinet"
    Guess yourself what that means


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