Wednesday 13 March 2013

The curious case of Bitty Mohanty, the son of ex-DGP Odisha

The curious case of Bitty Mohanty, the son of ex-DGP Odisha

In India when you have somebody in the upper echeleons of power you can get away with anything even rape and murder.  The Bitti Mohanty case actually proves the above sad statement right.  Bitti Mohanty son of the ex-DGP of Odisha is a wanted criminal for rape of a German citizen in India on 21st March, 2006.

The people of the upper crust are above law and justice.  This was again proved true in the case of Bitti Mohanty.  Remember, earlier in 2009, Manu Sharma, the culprit in the Jessica Lal murder case was granted parole for attending the last rites of his grand mother and attend his ailing mother, was caught partying in a hip pub owned by Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal,  in New Delhi.   Manu  Sharma's grandmother had already died in 2008 and his mother was busy promoting ladies cricket tournament at the time of parole.  Manu Sharma obviously got pampered and VIP treatment because his fathers connections in the government.

In the similar way, Bitti Mohanty, son of B.B.Mohanty, a Indian Police Service officer and ex-DGP of Odisha was caught in the month of March, 2006 for raping a German national in Alwar, Rajasthan.  He and the German lady were holidaying in Rajasthan, where he took the lady to a hotel room in Alwar and raped her.  The German national had the courage to lodge a complaint.  The case had caused a big outrage back then.  He was arrested and tried by a fast track court and sentenced to seven years imprisonment in September 2009.

I have already said in my earlier blogs that the courts are the only institutions in India which have been above the corruption charges. The court that fast tracked the case has to be commended for withstanding the tremendous pressure from the family and friends of Bitti Mohanty.  It is said that his father got investigating officer transferred from the case.  Despite this, Bitti Mohanty was sentence dto rigorious imprisonment of 7 years.  

Just when the nation was applauding the quick justice meted out to Bitti Mohanty, he was granted parole just like Manu Sharma to attend to his ailing mother.  And just like Manu Sharma he jump parole but only this time to disappear.

His father, who stood surety for him, was suspended and arrested for being a accomplice in the matter.  However for reasons only the powers to be know, he was released and later reinstated into service in 2009.  Bitti's whereabouts had disappeared from the face of earth or at least India.

And suddenly on 9th March, 2013 he resurfaced in Kerala from where he was arrested by the Police.  He was working as a Mr.Raghav Rajan in a Bank.  The Bank received a anonymous letter from a tipster regarding his identity and on verification from the images available on net, he was nabbed from the bank premises.

Only this time nobody can save him.  There are questions being asked about Ranjan being Bitti Mohanty but the police are sure about his identity.  The reason for somebody tipping the bank and police is believed to be a love angle which blossomed between Mohanty and a fellow batch mate from the bank.  The two were planning to marry but the girl's parents were opposing their liaison.  It is believed that the girls parents may be linked to the anonymous tipster.

What every the truth, one thing is sure, Mr.B.B.Mohanty may not be able to save his son from further trial and increased sentence on account of jumping parole.  

Please post your comments on what you feels should be done with Bitti Mohanty and the sentence he should receive.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. He should be released immediately...


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