Sunday 24 March 2013

Google has killed its Reader; try out Feedly the RSS reader

Google has killed its Reader; try out Feedly the RSS reader
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First of all R.I.P. Google Reader.  Goolge has killed Reader and it will go offline from 1.7.2013.  There are many diehard Reader addicts who started their day with the feeds brought to them by the Reader.  All is not lost for them.  As the saying goes one's loss is others gain.  Feedly is another reader which has a similar API to Reader and can be a good substitute for Reader.

The downfall of Google Reader has meant that you, the readers are left in dark without any suitable options for feed aggregator.  But help is underway from Feedly.  Feedly has already announced that it will clone the Google Reader API under its project Normandy.  It has also upgraded its bandwidth and added additional servers to take care of the rush of readers who have left Reader or are in the process of leaving it.  The only visible difference in the Feedly is that instead of the 'star' in Google Reader you have to press or tap 'save' in Feedly.  Plus you can share your feeds on Twitter, Facebook and email them as well.  If you are a Google Reader fanatic, you will be surprised by Feedly.  The interface is quite the opposite of Google Reader.  Where the Google Reader was simple and stark with just list of feeds and text, Feedly gives a much more responsive visual.  It updates your RSS feeds on the go and as of now has a sync button with Google Reader.  The UI has bright and vibrant colours, feeds in sans serif, images and layout like a magazine.  If you want to change the theme, the font or the colour, Feedly lets you do it.

Staring with Feedly is very easy.  You just have to log in using your Google account.  If you are a existing Google Reader subscriber, all you Feeds, folders, subscriptions 'starred' posts will automatically be imported.  If you are not a Reader user, you will have to subscribe to the post using  Explore panel on the right side.  You can either enter the website directly into the search window or browse through the vast collection of sites based on categories.  Once you have found out what you want to subscribe to you just have to hit the  "+" button and enter the category for it.

All said and done, Feedly is a good and suitable heir to the Google Reader throne.  It is available for your desktops, Android devices and iOS devices.  

Get your desktop version for Chrome here.  Android users get your version from Google Play here and iOS users get your Apple Store version here.

Please add my site feed to your Feedly so you can receive updates on the go.  My feed address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/ALittleSomethingAboutAlmostEverything/

Vijay Prabhu

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