Friday 8 March 2013

Free calls from your Android Device and encrypted too

Free calls from your Android Device and encrypted too

Another App called Spore from Mycelial Communications that lets you make free calls from your Android device.  This one is better than Skype or Viber for it encrypts your calls eliminating any danger of tapping or otherwise.

There are two free calls clients available as of now on Android, one is Skype and other is Viber.  Spore is a new addition to this free calls family which give you access to the company's OSTN.  The netwrok allows you make calls over IP(VoIP) just like Skype and Viber but main benefit of making calls on Spore is that your communication is encrypted.  This makes it impossible for others to gain access to your calls.

Another advantage of Spore  App is that it is open source.  Spore uses the Zimmerman Realtime Transport Protocol (ZRTP) to access OSTN. The protocol uses a very specific method of exchanging cryptographic keys, dubbed the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. The keys are then used to establish a shared secret key over an insecure communications channel. The keys are exchanged between the phones without going to the server, so if the exchange is successful, the call is not accessible even to Mycelial.

Calling from the App is a bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it runs like a breeze on Android.  On connecting a call, you get a four letter code that you can verify with the caller and confirm that the connection has been encrypted.  There is however a slight lag on wi-fi and 3G networks and more noticeable on EDGE and GPRS.  However this is expected as the Spore is in beta stage now.  

Mycelial has done another interesting thing, it has put the App on Google Play but asks for Rs.109.17 ($1.99) as donation for downloading the App but the same is available on its site for free.  The site has instruction on how to set up the App which hardly takes two minutes of your time.

This one must have App for Android users.  Download the App for free from the company's website here or else download it from Google Play for $1.99(Rs.109.17).

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  1. Interesting article Vijay bro, it is a beautiful gift for Android users then.

  2. Yes it is good tried it and the quality was bit iffy but still pretty good. I dont understand why the didnt put the free version on Google Play

  3. Tried it. Works beautifully on my samsung.


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