Friday 1 March 2013

Buying a new smartphone buy it latest by 1st April, 2013

Buying a new smartphone buy it latest by 1st April, 2103

Indians buying a phones better hurry as its now or never.  As per the budget 2013,  given by Mr.Chidambaram, the prices of the phones set to rise, owing to the additional 6 % excise on mobile phones and tablets as proposed in the budget.  This additional amount will be imposed only on phones priced over Rs. 2,000.  However the phones available below Rs.2000.00 are just not advisable to buy in today's market.  So your only options left open are buying a phone before 31st March 2013.

The price rise is going to hit the high end smart phone users most with the price of Rs.10000.00 rising to 10600.00, Rs.20000.00 one to Rs.21200.00, Rs.30000.00 one to Rs.31800.00 and the Rs.40000.00 one will cost you about Rs.42400.00.

So instead of buying a phone in month of April 2013, prepone your buy to this month and get yourself a brand new phone before 31st March, 2013.

Now other question which haunts all the new phone buyers is which phone to buy.  This question has been answered by me in one of my blogs.  Please click the hyperlink to get to the page.  You can further surf my blog for reviews and articles of latest phones.

If you are a little desperate about owning a Xperia Z or BB Z10 or HTC One or any of the many phones launched during the MWC 2013,  don't be discouraged.  All the big mobile companies view India as their biggest markets and sure to notice what Mr.Chidambaram has proposed.  So it is only fair that they prepone their India release to March 13 to take advantage of the price arbitrage that exists in month of March 2013.  

If you are still restless about owning a premium smart phone, there are two ways to get it.  One is from grey market which will be sans warranty and other is to tell your friend abroad to ship it to you.  

Or you can simply buy one from the available phones like the  16GB iPhone 5 is now available for Rs. 43,800, the Samsung Galaxy Note II at Rs. 35,750 and the Galaxy S III at Rs. 29,000. From HTC, you will get the HTC Butterfly for Rs. 47,000 and the HTC One X+ for Rs. 38,500.  

If I were you I did wait another 15 days to test the new launches and then go for my favourite device.

Please post your comments regarding this article and help other users make their decisions.

Vijay Prabhu

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