Thursday 28 February 2013

Tizen, Firefox and Ubuntu, the fight of the Operating Systems

Tizen, Firefox and Ubuntu, the fight of the Operating Systems

Tizen, Ubuntu and Firefox, which one will click and rise the smart phone operating system ladder and unseat the uncrowned king of mobile Operating System, Android in the coming years.  The fight is for a big slice of pie of the OS market which could be in the region of billion dollars.    This fight is just getting interesting with the latest entrants.

All the three entrants were unveiled at the MWC 2013 held recently and all have their own unique USP to capture the smart phone market but which one will really click, is hard to say.

As I have already written in my blog on the Tizen and the Firefox, the Tizen has found support with the South Korean behemoth, Samsung while the Firefox has found support with Sony.  Sony has already released a Firefox ROM for its Xperia E smart phones.  The Ubuntu, as we all know is a developers delight.  One this which is common in all the three systems is that they claim to the most open walled system in the world.  

iOS has been pretty closed but Android is more of a open walled operating system which has the powerful Google to send it to the orbit by launching Games and Apps.  As of date it has more than 700,000 apps with the iOS being the second most populated market.  The fight in this space is neck and neck between these two with the Windows Phone a distant third.

The failure of Windows Phone, despite being such a beautiful design and engineering marvel, lies largely due to the fact that Microsoft just doesn't have the variety of Apps that these two have.  This is one of the single most biggest reasons for unpopularity of the Windows Phone in the smart phone market.  

In my view who ever breaks the monopoly of the App store will be the next king of the mobile universe.  The CNET's Rich Trenholm has already rubbished the Firefox and Tizen, but somehow seemed to like the Ubuntu OS.  But I prefer not to go with the geeky kind of analysis and wait for a actual device before giving any comments.  

That said, I hope that all these three are up there at the next MWC 2014.  

Vijay Prabhu

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