Saturday 2 February 2013

Leave India alone please

Leave India alone please

Often we read and hear of some intellectual making some comments on some religion or caste or sub caste or creed.  Very easily these so called intellectuals tend to forget that India is in nation building mode and a developing country. 

Very often some kind of Intellectual makes some absurd comments like the latest one from Mr.Ashis Nandy saying 

"Most corrupt people come from OBC, SC and ST communities"

Mr.Ashis Nandy is an Indian political psychologist, a social theorist, and a contemporary cultural and political critic as per Wikipedia site.

Such comments are not needed in present day India are neither needed nor welcome.  These so called intellectuals under the guise of Freedom of Speech give such unwanted comments.  

India is now in its teens and in nation building mode.  This type of comments may work in developed nations say in US or Denmark but in a multi cultural, multi ethnic society like ours, where a language changes every mile or so, this is a unforgivable crime.  This violates the very essence of India, which is a very tolerant society.  Apart from a few fringe groups in every caste and creed, the Indians are going on with their lives in best possible manner.  These intellects come out of blue and harm the integrity of country by making such type of comments and relying of Freedom of speech granted to us under the Constitution of India.  They tend to forget that the same Constitution also implicitly states that we should treat all Indians as equals.  Further the same Constitution has also guaranteed reservations to certain disadvantage sections of Indians.   To dispute it would be disputing the esteemed body of Wise Men who framed the Constitution and gave us an Idea called India.

Freedom of speech implies that you can say what you want.  But this shouldn't be done at the expense of others.  The Honourable Supreme Court was right to point this out to Mr.Nandy's Advocate.  The Bench said 
"Whatever his intentions be, he cannot go on making such comments"  Further it also added that such ideas can be penalised.  

This ought to put an end to such kind of pseudo intellectuals from making derisive comments.

Your comments are invited on the above article.

Vijay Prabhu

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