Tuesday 29 January 2013

'Vine troubles for Twitter' people get unexpected porn on Vine

'Vine troubles for Twitter' people get unexpected porn on Vine

Just days after launching 'Vine' the 6 second video sharing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, user are being greeted with 6 sec free porn clips.

The innocent looking Vine is meant to share 6 sec video clips of your loved ones over net or a quick recipe or funny clips of kids.  However within days of launch, the sxx guys seem to have taken over the 'Vine' show, with porn videos showing up.  

Tags such as #sxx and #pxxn are popping up on the app, showing several adult videos that otherwise would have been blocked by the default browser, thus circumventing the family viewing feature.

Twitter has issued a statement asking users to flag any inappropriate content.  In a release to the Verge, Twitter has said that "Uploaded videos that are reported and determined to violate our guidelines will be removed from the site, and the user that posted the video may be terminated"

The porn video has been reported since Sunday but it escalated to a full blown scandal when the Verge reported today morning that a Adult clip has appeared as one of the Editor's Picks.  Twitter has since removed the  offending video and now you will get a message saying 'Human Error' in its place.  

However Twitter's intention of terminating the user in case of posting unwanted material will be a pipe dream as the porn guys are known to be very resourceful and tech savvy creatures around.  Any action on part of Twitter may see the same user opening multiple accounts and further antagonising Twitter and users alike.

Twitter now faces a very difficult proposition of separating wheat from the chaff.  Its engineers will have to work overtime to develop some kind of 'fail safe' algorithm to prevent the same terminated user for opening another Twitter account in immediate future.  Also it has to totally disable the #sxx, #pxxn,  and other hash tags which are liable to be used by porn masters to promote porn through Vine or Twitter.

Android users who are keenly watching the developments for their own version of Vine please note that also means that development of Vine for Android will now be be a secondary priority for Twitter, till this porn issue is fixed. 

Also Apple may do a serious moral audit of Vine and remove it from its App store as it has already done with around 8 raunchy apps.

This are my views, some viewers who may like adult content may tend to disagree with me.  
It is further suggested that the Twitter may make this App a 17+ one, please read here to get an idea how deeply troubled Twitter is.  However please post your comments and suggestions regarding the same.

Vijay Prabhu

The porn issue in Vine escalated this morning when The Verge reported an adult clip appeared as one of the Editor's Picks. The offending video has since been removed as an Editor's Pick, with Twitter adding its inclusion was due to "human error."

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