Tuesday 22 January 2013

The future leaders of India and Pakistan with a aim of 10 percent growth

The future leaders of India and Pakistan with a aim of 10 percent growth


The future leaders of India and Pakistan with a aim of 10 percent growth

India is destined to take its glorious  place in the world and be the world 3rd largest economy by 2030 behind China and US, but for that to happen a strong leadership is the need of the hour.  People often India's democracy will give it better returns in future.  That is what I call "Democracy Dividend".  But in the long run, India has to be run with a iron hand.  Believe me China wouldn't have risen as quickly as it has done without benevolent dictatorship.  It is impossible to think of China's growth story without its PLA.

In India, even if a small road has to constructed, there is a huge outcry over anything and everything.  Right from tender process rigging to protests from the actual displaced persons to the protest form omnipresent  so called media hungry, publicity seeking social activists.  Any new project announced by the administration, be it MGNREGA, Food Security Bill or even FDI in retail every one has some opinion or objection against it.  Government of India is trying to do what no nation even the US ever tried, that is mapping each and every Indian with AADHAAR by card UIDAI.  Which is in reality a gigantic task that will in days to come overcome every card required by Indians from ration card, PAN card, senior citizen card etc. But there is opposition even to that.  Everything really stinks, the infrastructure is going nowhere, narcissism, nepotism and sycophancy are rule of the day.  This so called social activist think about themselves and gaining cheap publicity at the cost of India's development.

No matter how hard the present UPA Government tries, it can't any major decision for the fear of loosing majority in the Parliament.  And the decisions taken by it are often anti people and anti poor.

Every week there is an announcement of some kind of price hike. Sometimes petrol prices are raised other times auto riskhaw fares are hiked.   It is not surprising that Mr.Anna Hazare got so much support last year for his Jan Lok Pal Bill Andolan.   However Indians have a tendency to forget.  The common refrain is 'Jaane do'.  But how long can we Indians let this happen.  

China was growing at much slower rate than India in the 1980's. However strong leadership with a single minded task in hand put the Chinese growth engine on the right track.  This is despite the fact that China has 134 billion population.  Why?  The answer is simple.  A benevolent dictatorship at the helm.  Many people say that China is a communist country,  I find it contrary to the socialist principals.  A socialist state is a state which believes in the principals of welfare of the people.  As per Marx's theory every citizen is the owner of the state and state is answerable to every citizen.  But China isn't a welfare state.  It is ruled by a coterie of individuals who have a common dream to see China at the top of world's hierarchy.  I find nothing wrong in that as long as China prospers.

China undertook a project called the 3 Gorges Dam project in 1994 and it was completed in 2012 except for a ship lift shaft.   The sheer scale and enormity of the project is given in the video below. However it is worth mentioning that China had to relocate 1.24 million people for constructing the dam and it was achieved without any fanfare, human rights violations if any, were never reported.  

It could be possible only because China is ruled by a dictatorship.  I can imagine any such project in India unless we have a benevolent dictator at the helm.  He may be democratically elected leader but he has very good leadership skills and a full majority of the house with a capable opposition.
Here I think, Mr.Narendra Modi or Mr.Rahul Gandhi can fill this void.  Narendra Modi's leadership skills are well known, whereas Rahul Gandhi is yet to be tested regarding his leadership qualities.  Please don't judge Mr.Gandhi by poll results of a few states.  Give him an opportunity at the top job and if he is not worth of the job, we can always boot him out.
So, my dream of seeing India is simple, a good leader like Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi at the helm.  Leave the rest to the Indians to develop.  Nobody in the world can match Indians in entrepreneurship or 'JUGAAD' as it known in local language.  When without any help, India grew at the so called Hindu rate of growth for 4 decades, just imagine a good benevolent dictator in the PM's seat can see India achieving 10 % growth p.a.
Now this is the road map I have foreseen for India, readers must be wondering why I have named Pakistan in this post.  Pakistan to is undergoing turbulent times and teething problems with its nascent democracy.  It is now held together by its Army.  But imagine a leader in the PM's seat in Pakistan, who just has one point agenda as a goal which is development of Pakistan.  That person in my mind is Bilawal Bhutto. 
The future leaders of India and Pakistan with a aim of 10 percent growth
Every thing about Bilawal is right.  He has the right genes, the right time to enter into politics and the right oratory skills.   He just needs the backing of the people of Pakistan and had to just focus on one point agenda of development of Pakistan.  The leaders of Pakistan often use India bashing as a favourite weapon for running high voltage emotions and winning support or votes.  

The Pakistan army-jehadi network works overtime to assure this.  Bilawal has to re-focus his loci standi vis-a-vis India and disengage Pakistan from this unholy nexus.  There is a overwhelming support and need for change in Pakistan due to a leadership void and Bilawal has to seize this opportunity with open hands.  

I agree that Bilawal's leadership skills are uncharted as of today but like Rahul Gandhi give him a chance and he will perform.   And to develop as a nation, Pakistan must stand up to counted as a nation run by proper government with a proper leader rather than god know who are running the Government now.  

This has to be done without raising any anti India rhetoric and in the same way China has been doing.  China too has differences with India regarding boundaries but seldom do we see India bashing in China.  They are far more focused on growth to give India any importance.  So Pakistan now your turn has come to change the history of your country, grab it now or you may never get a better opportunity again.

The above article is my own opinion, any person who may have any  objections/suggestions may kindly comment on the same.  

Vijay Prabhu

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