Sunday 13 January 2013

Killing of Indian Soldiers by Pakistan Army The other side of the story

Kiling of Indian Soldiers by Pakistan Army - the other side of the story
The above two soldiers of Indian Army were killed by Pakistani troops in the most brutal way.  Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh's head was severed from his body and Lance Naik Hem Raj's throat was slit.  All this was happening on 8th January, 2013 and only two day before i.e. on 6th Jan, 2013 India was hosting the Pakistani Cricket team for the 3rd and final One day International.   Is this the way to treat the host nation when nobody was willing to play against them?
Why were the two soldiers killed without any provocation?  Is there any other answer.  Lets find out.

The State of Pakistan was created based on the two nation theory of Mr.Jinnah solely on the basis of religion.  Since its inception in 1947, the sole purpose of existence of Pakistan seems to be to destabilise and destroy India.   Whereas India was born with a dream to have a liberal, social and secular free country for millions of Indians with dreams.   
The Pakistan has attacked India as many as four times, each time having to suffer a ignominious defeat in the hands of Indian Army.  The first attack in 1947 was just months after the Independence of India and Pakistan in October, 1947.  After that they have attacked India in 1965, 1971 and in 1999.  
Each and every time they have attacked India without any provocation and in the times of peace and trust, the last being right after the Agra summit in 1999.  Why does Pakistan attack India when it is well known to the top military brass sitting in Islamabad that it is a hopeless misadventure on their part and they are never going to win a war against India.  Looks funny, that is why I have tried to analyse the latest attack and brutal killing of Indian Army men from a different perspective.
In Pakistan the army is every thing.  You must have read and heard that Pakistan is driven by 3 A's the Army, the Allah and the America.  The army runs the country, America sustains the country through aid and grants, and I am not sure of Allah helping it out given its grave misdemeanours.
Everything from a safety pin to a condom is manufactured by factories run by the Pakistan Army.  Just as the Black money market runs a parallel economy in India, a parallel economy is run by the Pakistani Army in Pakistan.   This has been happening since 1947 and will probably not end soon.
Now lets see analyse the situation in 2013 and the causes for it. The general elections are due in 2013 in Pakistan and to subvert the election process or to keep an iron grip on the next elected party the Army has to take some action.  In the recent past due to many internal and international issues like the sectarian strife in Karachi, the rise of Taliban in border provinces and the drone attacks by US, have eroded the faith and backing of people of Pakistan in the  Army.  It would be safe to assume that the Army has lost trust in the eyes of majority of Pakistani civilians as Pakistan is no longer a safe place and the terrorist attack it at their will and fancy.  The last one being at a Military Airport.
In this context the recent killings of Indian soldiers has to be understood and reasoned.  The Pakistan Army in order to gain some credibility in the eyes of Pakistani people needs to do something drastic before the elections take place in March or April 2013.  With almost no say in the Government as of today the Army has to create some issue which can inflame nationalist passion with populace of Pakistan.   This issue has to be credible and unite the Pakistani people once again under the banner of Pakistani Army.  In this situation, they seemed have decided to follow the age old formula of India bashing.  This formula has proved successful for almost all military leaders of Pakistan right from Mr.Haq to Mr.Mussharaf.    
So that brings us to the killings of Indian soldiers.  The Pakistani Army think tank knew that the more the brutal the killings would be the more there would be outcry against it in India.  And the more the outcry is, the more severe action India will take.  And depending on the action the Indian Government takes,  the more nationalist sentiment can be aroused in Pakistan.  And as seen in the past, when there is a patriotic or nationalist wave the Army has always gained popularity with the people of Pakistan.  The last case being Mr.Musharraf and his coup, which had a wide support from the people of Pakistan.
This is the entire truth about the misadventure by the Pakistani Army.  Now it brings us to what answers can India give specifically to the brutal killings of its soldiers.  Do we have to worry about Pakistan elections and/or who will lead Pakistan next.  I think not.  We have indeed since long moved from viewing at the world through the Pakistan prism.  Now a new world order beholds us and for us to take our true and just place in the new order.  In this order if we have to show the world that India means business, we have to be proactive and not meekly issue some diplomatic verbale or other nonsense and stop at that.
We have stop all kinds of negotiations whether front channel or back channel.  We have to stop all exchanges of sports, ban their players from playing in all leagues and other activities and withdraw the MFN granted to Pak.  We further have to stop all transports, rail or bus, to Pak.    For once the Indian Government shouldn't budge.  It has to take strong steps and forget about diplomacy.  Remember  in spite of the fact that the Taliban can never harm American shores the US army is regularly conducting drone attacks against them in Waziristan.   So why can we act for protection of our soldiers who are giving their lives because we can live in peace.
For once I request the Indian government to give a positive and albeit a tight slap on the face of what is Pakistan.  And despite of this. if there are further attacks, we should unleash our very capable Army, which is also very eager to avenge deaths of its soldiers, on Pakistan and teach them a nice lesson in English or Urdu if they prefer so.
Please post your comments/suggestions
Vijay Prabhu

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