Saturday 29 December 2012

Saving your wet phone.

Saving your wet phone
a wet sony ericsson

It often happens when you go to the loo and the mobile is in your shirt pocket and it falls in the loo, or you or your wife washes your pants with mobile in it in the washing machine or your kid drops a coffee/tea/cold drink on mobile.  Dont fear help is here

First of all retrieve you phone from the wet place, Dont try to switch it on or check any switch.  Remove the head sets or any other accessories if connected.   Remove the batteries, SIM and SD card. Dry of everything with a turkish towel.   Put the phone in a bowl of dry rice as pic below. 

Saving your wet phone

After a few hours remove it from the rice bowl and keep the phone for around 1 full day in a hermatically sealed box.  Tupperware boxes will do just fine.  After 24 to 48 hours pray to God and  insert battery and check the phone, it should work unless you are a fallen Angel or a Satan's Advocate.

With Phones with irreplaceable batteries such as Nokia Lumia or iPhone, you need to take a risk of trying to switch it on before immersing it in rice bowl.

If you have silica gel, you can use it too.  But since silica gel is not available at the right moment rice bowl is just fine.

Never use Hair dryer to dry the heat to the device or heat it in other ways. While this would successfully evaporate all the moisture still sitting within the handset, it risks becoming too hot and causing damage to the components.

Don't use silly methods like putting your phone in freezer.

Is your warranty still valid after your soggy affair :

Seek out the liquid contact indicator (LCI). It's a small white sticker that turns red when it comes into contact with water. Manufacturers place LCIs on their products to use as a litmus test when deciding warranty claims. In most cases, they can refuse to fix or replace your handset if the LCI has been triggered.  Keep this in mind while approaching the service centre.  I have written a similar article for about taking care of your PCs, read it here.

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