Friday 28 December 2012

My PC is not working...?

My PC is not working...?

Today lets discuss Personal Computer problems working on Windows for a change.  A lot of people complain about PC issues.  But most common issue is PIRATED Windows you might be using.  The pirated Windows operating system comes free but comes with free problems as well.   

The most common problem faced by pirated Windows OS PC is system error and the technician has only one common solution for it FORMAT DISC.  Remember a pirated Windows PC will not only be responsible for your data loss but in long run it will damage your hard disk due to continuous formatting.   So go for a official Windows 7 basic version costs around Rs.5700.00 and Ultimate version costs around Rs.11000.00 with tech support from Microsoft guys till 2020 while the Windows 8 is upgradable with just Rs.699.00 to 1999.00 depending on your old Operating System.

Easy steps for how to check whether your Windows is Genuine or Pirated?

Press Start
Press Control Panel
Press on System Icon
In the System Panel the LAST Part is for Windows Activation

My PC is not working...?
If you have just purchased a PC, Laptop or Notebook you have 30 days to activate your product.  Once activated this window will give a Genuine Microsoft Software image.

Remember crooks offer you DOS machines with pirated Windows software fooling you into thinking that the PC/Laptop/Notepad is original.  Just check.

Another problem we face is a very slow PC.  If you have a old machine then you will be sure to note that your PC speed has become sluggish.  To make your PC faster here are some applications.

1.  A lot of PCs have trial programs which you might not have used or used and the validity of which is over.  But the program may still be hanging in the system.  To remove such pre-installed programs, demo versions that came with it. download PC Decrapifier, it will remove trial programs and other junk quickly.

2.  You may have uninstalled certain programs but they may still have entries in the registry and/or files in the system.  To completely erase a program from the system you need Revo Uninstaller.

3. There may be tons of files in your system and duplicates and triplicates lying around in the PC.  Just download  Duplicate Cleaner to remove duplicate files from your system.  HOWEVER REMEMBER TO CHOOSE ONLY DOCUMENTS IN THE OPTIONS OR YOU WILL END UP DELETING SYSTEM FILES.

4.  Other files cluttering around in your PC may be temp files and other unnecessary files.  Download  the CCleaner. This tool looks through Windows, Web browsers and other third-party programs for unwanted clutter and gets rid of it. CCleaner can also scan and fix errors in Windows' registry but do this only if you are comfortable with it.  Do back up your registry before doing anything with registry.

The most unimaginative and unwanted thing about Windows is its Blue Screen of Death announcing your system has crashed and a dump file has been created.  This was a worse issue in XP days but now it has decreased.  This problems is mainly due to faulty RAM.  Often just removing the RAM, wiping it clean and reinstalling it will solve the problem.  Even purchasing a new one is a easy option as RAM is pretty cheap these days.  Just download a how to install video from YOUTUBE before opening your machine.

Another common thing is CD/DVD stuck in the CD/DVD drive.  This is fairly easy to remove.  Just ensure that you have a UClip.  Open it and insert it in a small hole as give in the diagram below and slowly push it when you feel the pressure.  Do this with a very still hand and don't be firm.  The CD/DVD will slowly come out.
My PC is not working...?

 My PC is not working...?

Now a days wi-fi is a common thing and almost all of us have wi-routers/adapters at our home/office.  If you lose network don't fret.  Wi-fi routers have a reset button.  Press it, wait for 30 seconds and press it again.  This should solve your problems

I have written an article about what to do if your phone gets wet, read the article here.

Kindly give your feedback/post your queries I will try to solve the same if I know the answer.

Vijay Prabhu

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