Sunday 23 December 2012

Have the People of India stopped fearing the Law Enforcement Agencies like Police

Have the People of India stopped fearing the Police

The headlines in all the Dailies are screaming Rape, Molestation and Murder.  My question is has the ordinary Indian lost the fear of LAW.  Over last year many instances have proved it to be true.  Lets recap. 

                                          The video grab is in Marathi.

On 11th August, 2012, a fine, peaceful day in Mumbai this event happened.  People of Mumbai, at least for 2011 were having a peaceful time.  And then suddenly news of this violence reached Mumbaikars.  Though the Mumbaikar are known to be pretty tolerant.  This violence differed from the others as for the first time Police personnel were attacked,  Press was attacked and several OB vans and Police vans were burned down by the mob.  But in a first the women police personnel who were on bandobast were molested.   This had never happened in Mumbai. 

What was perceived by media and other guardians of Mumbai as mob violence has to be seen from a different perspective altogether.  This was not just mob violence, it has for the first time demonstrated that ordinary people no longer fear the Police and the Law.
This is not about Hindus or Muslims but about the common people of Mumbai.  There has been a feeling of absolute helplessness by the citizens during past year or so about the Police.  First there was ACP Dhoble of Social Service Branch disturbing the night life of Mumbai.  When so many violent crimes happening in and around Mumbai, who would like the Police to disturb a party of pretty non-violent drunks, not-so drunks, dancers and party enthusiasts.  But Police was hell bent on improving the moral situation in the city when the criminals, anti-social elements and murderers roamed free on the streets of Mumbai.

Earlier in Nov 2011, there was Keenan Santos murder.  This was another of the startling behaviour of mob when two or more people gang up to kill or maim some one.   And the onlookers just become bystanders instead of intervening for the fear that they may end up being hurt or they get trapped in unwanted police case.
Have the People of India stopped fearing the Police
The degradation of law and order of the city is in a way responsible for what happened on 11.8.2012.  And what answers did police have for the same.  Nothing except for removing the then Commissioner of Police Arup Patnaik and getting hold of some local thugs.    

This created a vacuum in the situation which was nicely filled by Mr.Raj Thackerey.  He galvanised thousands of his supporters and characteristically seized the opportunity to get some brownie points for himself and his party.  In this rally he pointed out that how Bangladeshi immigrant were responsible for all the mayhem caused in Mumbai.  This may be true...

But can a politician really fill the shoes of a metropolitan police.  Can a Metropolis with a population of  20 million + really afford for the Police to be just onlookers, during both the rallies.  In the first rally they were warned by their superiors to show restraint.  But if in the first place the restraint was not shown on the anti social elements,  there would have been less destruction, the criminals in the mob would have been behind bars and  the second rally would not have taken place. 

The Police are themselves responsible for the deplorable law and order situation with ordinary citizens almost having lost faith in them.  We need some one like Mr.Julio Ribeiro or his kind at the helm of police so that the current state of mismanagement can be changed.  But does the Government care. 

The police are more intent on protecting the VVIPs as seen in New Delhi where a Para medical student was raped in the moving bus.  How is it possible for a rapist to rape an individual in the heart of the city that too in a running bus.  How can a driver of a bus have a free run in the heart of the Capital.  

This raises serious questions about the laxity of the police and the fearlessness of the LAW in the eyes of criminals.  This is not a question of rape or molestation or murder.    This is more of of a deep rooted social problem of morality which needs to be sorted out and NOW!

Otherwise it will be too late and India will slip into anarchy and before long there will be a Arab Spring somewhere in India.

So let the law makers please wake up now before it is too late for this country, where millions live with a aspiration of a safe secured and democratic way of life without any discrimination based on caste, sex or creed.

What do you feel about current law and order situation in the Mumbai.  Please write your comments/give your feedback

Added 28.12.2012

Nirbhaya is no more with us but her memory may serve the purpose of alerting us to the perils of having a lawless society in which our future generation has to survive.   Please read my article on the anatomy of a rape here.  
RIP Nirbhaya, may your death not go to waste

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. Ahaa, its fastidious conversation regarding this post here at this web site,
    I have read all that, so at this time me also commenting at this place.

    Here is my webpage ... tara

  2. Tara I didnt find anything fastidious at all as you said but welcome your view. I just my view and people commenting on it

  3. Somehow these devilish incidents do show that the lower strata of Urban India is frustrated and fears no law ... In Ruben incident and Nirbhaya.. the prime targets were women .. and the culprits belong to the labour class of urban India .. there is a psychological frustration in this sect of Indian society .. I feel and that has eradicated fear from few brains .. all the more if they are drunk !!

    1. Yep mysay.in slowly and steadily we are loosing our moral structure in order to gain easy money and that is why our mind has become morally corrupted.


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