Friday 29 September 2017

Top 5 YouTube Video downloader.

Top 5 YouTube Video downloader

Top 5 YouTube Video downloader.

In today's generation people always find easier way to get their task to be done. People using YouTube are very keen to get the video downloaded on their Systems but YouTube only supports offline saving  and there are many videos which do not have eligibility to be downloaded offline so here are top 5 alternatives to download YouTube videos directly to your System.

1. iTube Studio for Mac and Windows.

If you are tired of ads and virus attack from other video downloader you have tried, you should jump right into iTube Studio YouTube Video Downloader for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows), which is an easy-to-use free YouTube downloader with ads and virus free. And you can 1 click download any YouTube HD, 4K UHD videos, and YouTube VEVO videos for free, as well as other 10,000 online video sharing sites. Downloading your favorite videos from YouTube and other online video sites has never been so easy.

2. aTube Catcher.

There are a million situations in which you will find yourself using online videos. Whether it is for work or fun there will always be a reason to watch videos online, but this turns out boring when we lack of a good internet connection, so there is no excuse to not download your favorite videos to your computer or mobile devices. aTube Catcher, for example, works efficiently. One thing people usually forget about when working with free software is that most of the times they are willing to live with ads at the end of every process. Well, with this application there is no need to settle for that. This ad-free software provides everything for video handling and you do not even have to worry if you are a Windows or Mac user because it works on both platforms. While it does provide a lot of different services, you should be aware of its performance before trying to do it all at once. It is not exactly the fastest application out there and it might end up in spending a lot more time than you first expected.

3. Free YouTube Downloader

Probably not the most creative name for an application but jokes aside, it definitely makes sure users know what its main service is. It definitely lacks of originality in terms of brand and design and it probably is the poorest interface out there but it does the homework properly. It maintains the quality of the original video and it finishes the job fast. Some might call it minimalistic, some others uncomplicated but there will be others who may find this application a little too mediocre. With just one main window and a blank space for URL pasting, it leaves absolutely no room for confusion which might work well for people who do not understand how this works but it certainly looks so simple that it even shows up as if there was no effort at all.

4. Fastest YouTube Downloader

While promising the quickest experience around, users can only enjoy this awesome feature if they pay for it on a monthly basis. It definitely works great with video downloading but if by any chance you decide to also convert your videos then you will have to dedicate a few more minutes (maybe even hours) until this process is completed. Video and audio quality will not disappoint but if results will not be seen in a short amount of time then really what is the point of paying so much for it.

5. 4K Video Downloader

One might wonder what is the big fuzz about design and why is it so important to have clean interfaces, well, the answer is easy. It all comes at first sight. It can be as plain as a white window but if you put a smiley on it you will get user’s attention and that will make them dig deeper. As irrelevant as it may sound, it is what it is and that is how this application works. Once you install it you will find yourself in front of a white window with nothing more than a few icons, one of those is a Smiley that will bring on the advanced features for those geeks out there. You can paste as many URLs as you wish and then you will get the option to change its quality. Once again, this is a boring step but if it looks organized then chances are you will not get overwhelmed about all the options it offers; clean design strikes again. Overall, this downloader works nicely, but just as everything, it cannot all be happiness. During the set-up it will install toolbars for your browsers, make sure to uncheck that before you get some annoying add-ons.

Here are top 5 alternatives to download YouTube videos on your system for free.

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