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Promising Careers You Can Pursue If You Dislike Mathematics

Promising Careers You Can Pursue If You Dislike Mathematics

Promising Careers You Can Pursue If You Dislike Mathematics

School is a magical time in our lives. It is where we have the freedom to express our interests in the subjects we like and dislike. What you like has a compelling impact on what you do in your forthcoming life. Not everyone is interested in all of the subjects; everyone has their own set of favourite and loathed subjects. Of these, math is a subject which usually takes to the stand for not being everyone’s cup of tea. But fear not, there are plenty of other promising career options you can pursue if you dislike mathematics and don’t want to study Algebra, calculus further. Let us look into a few of those career options.

1. Medicine: 

The first and most obvious option, working in the medical industry and saving lives. Do not misinterpret Medicine just as an MBBS degree you get into after scoring well at NEET; there are plenty of other options to be working on in the medical industry. Different kinds of medicine like Homeopathy, Veterinary and Ayurveda are some of the alternative medicine methods that are making a name for themselves now. If treating people is not what you are looking for then there are plenty of other options in the medicine industry to try and make your line of work. Fields like radiology, an occupational therapist, and optometry are some other options in which you can work with doctors and help them in various ways according to your specialization.

2. Law: 

Do you have strong analytical skills, verbal skills, and a high emotional quotient? If so, then Law might be the right career direction for you. By assimilating the laws of the government and using this knowledge to help represent their clients in court and help defend their views and interests. You can further specialize your expertise in this sector by choosing your master's degree in patent law, intellectual property law, criminal law, business law, etc.

3. Media and Communication: 

This is a sector with a broad horizon of opportunities, like event management, wedding planning, photography, and journalism. Depending on your skills and interests, by attending a few courses in your interested line of work you can easily get into the sector with your work. Since it is easier to get into Media and communication sector, heftier is the competition and opportunities. So in order to be a step ahead of the competition, find out courses that are relevant to the job profile you are trying to achieve which will help you land the job easily.

4. Design and Animation: 

In this day and age, with every company going digital there is a surplus need for Graphic designers and animators. Companies working on movies, TV shows, websites and computer games need creative designers with innovative ideas to help bring their brand forward.

5. Fashion industry: 

Are you a fashionista? Do you know about what’s hip and happening in the fashion industry? Then the world of fashion should indisputably be your line of work. As a designer, you will be required to show your creative skills in creating something which is unique yet under the client’s line of interest. Once you make a name for yourself, you might be working side by side with some famous celebrities, or become one yourself.

6. Hotel Management: 

Our world is vast with a plethora of tourist destinations around the globe and abaft it will be a tourism industry. Thus, with a pleasing personality, good communication and reasoning skills you have the basic requirements to get a job in the hospitality sector. Possible positions being as a hotel manager, event organizer or even a fast food manager.

Even though there are plenty of career paths to choose from, the importance of math in our daily lives cannot be omitted. To help you in understanding how every topic of mathematics works, I would recommend you to try BYJU'S – The Learning App. The application offers detailed explanations of various mathematics topics- calculus, Pythagoras theorem, Algebra and more in the easiest of ways which can help you to do well in your exams. Try it out on their YouTube channel:

About Author:

Basil C Baby is an Engineer and Blogger with impending knowledge in several sectors of the economy. Currently working with Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd. in helping students to come fall in love with learning.

Email: basil.baby@byjus.com

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