Wednesday 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness : Finding the real meaning of togetherness in life

Togetherness > This word has lost its meaning in today's world. This is a world people are running after goals without any feeling or togetherness. In this dog eats dog world, the only thing that is important is money. 

Our life is so dominated by money that we have forgotten the true meaning of togetherness. Togetherness is not about being together but about feeling togetherness. It has to come from heart and when it does it gives us a feeling of oneness. 

From this we can deduce that oneness with god is a subset of togetherness. But how do we get the feeling of togetherness in this material world. That is the moot question.

I derive my togetherness from cooking. Cooking is my hobby, though I have never taken it seriously. However,once in awhile, just like other people let down their hair and enjoy parties and nightlife, I take fun in cooking.

For me taste is derived from love and however well somebody cooks, if that person doesnt love cooking, I feel, all his/her efforts are in vain. Because however measured you put salt in your dishes, you are bound to make it salty or with less salt if you dont love the dish you are making.

So this Sunday, after a long time I decided to get back to what I loved most. I had decided before hand that today's dish will be 'pav bhaji'.

Another thing I want to tell you that I hate it when someone helps me in preparing my dishes though I like everybody eating my preparation, even the neighbours. From the moment I decide to cook something, I am the king of the kitchen and nobody is allowed entry into it. 

At around 10 am I got to serious business of pav bhaji, within half an hour I had diced and cut the veggies required for the bhaji. The potato was steamed. This is where the fun begins. I am like a conductor of a musical orchestra in front of the gas stove. I simply love being there and doing that.

Within minutes the bhaji was done.  Our family Sunday lunch is ready and the best part is, I had made it alone. The feeling of being together with my soul was complete in these few hours. 

Now came the part of sharing this feeling of togetherness with my family and my neighbours. Watching them eating my pav bhaji, licking their fingers and passing comments (obviously good comments) was the ultimate happiness I got and gave.

We had a lovely time at the lunch table. Such sweet moments of togetherness are indeed the best part in life and one should share them as much as possible. Such is the message also delivered by Kissanpur. To know more about Kissanpur visit here.

Have a look at this lovely video created by Kissanpur that motivates us towards togetherness :

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