Sunday 2 August 2015

This Nintendo Smartphone Concept called “The Nintendo Smart Boy” is very commendable

Nintendo to collaborate with DeNA for The Nintendo Smart Boy

In the wake of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata recent death, a smartphone concept that will accomplish your childhood dreams has come out.

Concept phone designer Pierre Cerveau came up with a very appealing gaming phone concept called the Nintendo Smart Boy, which manages to combine the classic Game Boy style with the features of a modern smartphone.
Nintendo to collaborate with DeNA for The Nintendo Smart Boy

On top of that, the maker also seems to have taken a bit of inspiration from Google’s Project Ara and its modular design plan. As you can see in the renders, users of this imaginary smartphone would be able to add different SD cards and camera modules by virtue of simply swiping out the old ones. Owners can also replace the battery in case the powerbox gets drained from all the game play.

The very interesting part is that the concept designer has placed the microUSB port and audio jack on the side of the phone.

One of the things we love about smartphones is that we’re able to play a quick game anywhere, everywhere, but using a touchscreen to control the action would really obstruct the pleasure of playing Nintendo games.

The Nintendo smartphone has cool physical controls. So the designer of the phone has added classic Nintendo controls, like the D Pad, an analog stick and 4 action buttons to make everything more drool-worthy for hardcore gamers. What’s more, when you’re done playing and you want to use the gaming phone as you would use a normal handset, you can remove the physical controllers and go about your day.

The Nintendo Smart Boy runs Android out of the box, but it also has another pretty clever achievement dubbed “Power Saving 8 Bit Mode” which will apparently conserve juice.

These renders are pretty awe-inspiring, but sadly we won’t probably get to see such a product grace the market with its existence too soon.

Nintendo has been lively when it came to entering the mobile world, but back in March 2015, the company made an announcement saying it would partner with DeNA to release some of its games for smartphones and tablets on both the Android and iOS ecosystems.

Nintendo and smartphone game developer DeNA are teaming up to bring smartphone games, and we can look forward to to see five titles from them by March 2017. Sankei reports additional details shared by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

As previously reported, Nintendo and DeNA are splitting the workload up on the smartphone games that the two companies will release together. Nintendo will handle the planning and designing for the games, while DeNA will take care of server development, daily operations, and user analysis.

While we still don’t know about what kind of titles we can expect to see from the two companies in the near future, Iwata revealed that he selected the Mario Kart series’ producer to be in charge of the development of one or more of these titles.

Iwata said “With this, people should know how serious we are about putting effort into our smartphone titles”.

Stay tuned for more.

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