Tuesday 14 April 2015

#CantWait4Zenfone2 Asus Zenfone 2 Model ZE551ML with 4GB RAM; The mega giant from the house of Asus

Just a decade ago a ‘mobile’ was used only for calls and sending urgent messages. Today a smartphone is nothing less than a pocket computer. 

It has become a medium to stay connected with the entire world through internet connectivity, multimedia, social networking sites and much more. At the same time different companies have entered the smartphone markets with some exclusive features, some are good at manufacturing low budget phones, some believe in creating flagship phones and some of them are branded ones.

It is really confusing for a buyer like to crack the right deal so as to get the best smartphone worth the money and also at the same time it should suffice my requirements. 

For every buyer the need of Smartphone varies for example  the Smartphone of a professional photographer would need to support certain basic apps like the weather apps, celestial tracking apps, shot planning apps, exposure and depth of field calculators, light meter apps, geo tagging apps. Hence, for these professionals the Smartphone they chose would be generally to suit to their requirement. 

We also want a smartphone which supports faster multimedia and the one that supports the social networking sites. For a businessman like me, I will prefer for faster internet connectivity like 3G/4G as they travel all over and need to be online always also higher internet speeds will allow them faster sending and receiving of huge data. I also look out for cloud facilities that a smartphone provides.

As a businessman blogger, I have to stay in contact with my associates, my writers, my authors, my dev team and at the same time keep tab on my website, my earnings and the news and media brochures coming my way.  

Remember all this has to be done throughout the day and while  on a run. Therefore I need a smartphone which is not just a smartphone but a pocket sized mini computer which lets me do all these tasks without hampering my budget. 

Asus set to launch ZE551ML smartphone with 4GB RAM in India, claims to be a 'Monster'

This is when I heard about the 'Giant Smartphone from Asus' called Zenfone 2.

The fact that you need to have some great purpose to use this powerful handset cannot be denied. This powerful handset cannot be simply used for just talking or checking your email or casual internet browsing. It is meant for people who utilize their smartphones as their main work machine and who can change it as per their needs. It may also be suitable for those who like to play powerful games while they are on the move. However, If you don’t belong to any of these two categories of people then it is recommended that you should not opt for it.

The company has stated that its ZenFone 2’s one version called model ZE551ML will have 4GB of RAM. 

The most powerful version with an enormous 4GB RAM is huge and needless to say that it will suffice my all smart tasking needs. And as said above it actually supports all my multimedia, multi tasking and smart tasking needs to the hilt.

It is pointless to say that this version Asus ZenFone 2 ZE551ML is gem of a handset and bowls you over even as you play with it for a short while.

I can only say this much in conclusion #CantWait4Zenfone2

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