Monday 16 March 2015

Perfect Place to Find Pre-owned Commercial Vehicles in Delhi

Automobile industry contributes for about 22 percent of the country’s manufacturing GDP i.e. Gross Domestic Product and hence can be termed as one of the huge job creators because as per the industry experts there will be at least 3 corresponding jobs created per single job that has been created in this industry. 
Perfect Place to Find Pre-owned Commercial Vehicles in Delhi

Where to find pre-owned commercial vehicles in Delhi :

It was just about a decade ago that most of the used trucks in Delhi or pre-owned heavy trucks in Delhi, sales would be C2C i.e. customer to customer or among friends and relatives, with a ‘Circle of Trust’. The remaining sales were managed by local unorganized dealers. Nowadays, pre-owned heavy trucks in Delhi there are many organized CV dealers available along with some of the exclusive company authorized dealers all over India. There are many search engines which provide exclusive data of company authorized dealers for the pre-owned heavy trucks in Delhi based on segregation of the “brand” required and the “area” preference of the user.

It is important to first understand the concept of a Commercial Vehicle / CV. It is a type of motor vehicle that may be used for transporting goods or passenger. Trucks usually have an access to remote and hilly areas where the railways cannot reach. Even though trucks accept a smaller load it is much preferred to railways due to its speed. The commercial vehicles (CV) industry in India registered an increase of 8.59 per cent in September 2014, as the enthusiastic owners have started to buy trucks in the anticipation of an improved economic activity.

CV industry can be broadly classified into:
LCV: Light Commercial Vehicle has Minimum Permissible Capacity (MPC) of 7 to 11 tons of Mass
MCV: Medium Commercial Vehicle has MPC of 16 tons of Mass
Heavy Commercial Vehicle has MPC of 17 to 25 tons of Mass

In the recent times Indian market has seen a tremendous growth for the “used trucks for sale in delhi”. Earlier the demand was for MCV and HCV however now it is expanding to the smaller commercial vehicles and LCVs as well. In the last 5 to 7 years there has been an extensive increase in the sales of the LCV and smaller CVs and this is a major cause due to which now these vehicles have been added to the list of the used vehicles. Scope and opportunity in this particular market is very good and the used vehicle market goes into rural market and semi-urban market of the tier III cities as well. One of the main causes for this huge acceptance of second hand trucks could be the requirement of a comparatively smaller capital, higher margins and also an ever emerging demanding of this kind of a vehicle. The overall demand for the big commercial vehicles seems to be low because the sectors which uses the big CV like industrial production has come down due to investment issues; also the infrastructure activities are low and the mining activities have been stopped in most of the states. 

So if a user is searching for second hand trucks in Delhi they just need to search and get a whole array of dealers with some exclusive offers on the pre-owned trucks or pre owned heavy trucks in Delhi.

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